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Every year the SatNav software systems increase in power and complexity. There are still some people using software that is over two years old, but they are few and far between.

This section is where we retire our older reviews to so we can look back and long for that extended period waiting for the satellite fix, with your friends all hanging around impatiently…


copilot4na.php CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4 North America
This review is looking at version North America of the well-known CoPilot suite of applications from ALK (also known as Travroute). The full name of this program is CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4 (NA)
copilot4.php CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4 Review
TravRoute recently released a new version of CoPilot in the US, and after a little wait, the new version is now available in Europe. The new version has had it
destinator2review.php Destinator 2 Review
New and improved, the new Destinator 2 distances itself in many ways from the previous version we reviewed (v1.72). The menu system is re-designed, bigger buttons allowing for finger pressing and a new 3D drive view is added as just a few of the new features.
destinator3.php Destinator 3 European Review
Looking at Destinator 3, it really is a new product. It looks nothing like Destinator 2, and in-fact it actually makes Destinator 2 in terms of mapping support look quite an old dinosaur! Destinator has finally come of age, the product really looks well rounded and attractive.
destinatorsw.php Destinator Software Review for the Pocket PC
Pocket GPS review of PowerLOC Destinator. Destinator, a product from PowerLOC Technologies Inc has been around for some time now in various revisions. Although the latest release is v1.8.0, the version I have reviewed here is v1.7.2.0b. Destinator is a fully featured in-car navigation system. It can be purchased as a bundle with supplied GPS hardware or as maps only. Some of its many features are Route Calculation, Voice Navigation, Automatic re-routing should you wander or be directed off the intended route and Points of Interest (POIs).
softfeatures.php GPS Software Features Comparison
As each GPS software comes with a plethora of options, we thought we would help make the purchase of GPS software easier by listing the main useable features of each software product and compare these features to provide you with the feature set that you require most. We
largemaps.php Large Maps and Impurities
For ages I
memorymapsw.php Memory Map Navigator
Now you can have a powerful navigation system in your pocket! Use Memory-Map Pocket Navigator with the Navman iPAQ GPS for real-time position plotting. Plan walks, build mountain bike trails, plot your position on-road, off-road, or in the city…it
smartpathcity.php NavMan SmartPath City
NAVMAN SmartPath City/TomTom CityMaps was one of the earlier Pocket GPS Products available for the Pocket PC, and now shows it
smartpathpalm.php NavMan SmartPath Palm
NAVMAN SmartPath Trips/TomTom RoutePlanner was one of the earlier Pocket GPS Products available for the Pocket PC, and now shows it
smartpathtrips.php NavMan SmartPath Trips
NAVMAN SmartPath Trips/TomTom RoutePlanner was one of the earlier Pocket GPS Products available for the Pocket PC, and now shows it
oziexplorersw.php OziExplorer CE
OziExplorerCE is moving map software for Window CE devices, it uses raster map images which are either scanned or purchased in digital format. OziExplorerCE is not automatic route planning software, you cannot request the best way to get from point A to point B, if you require this type of software then OziExplorerCE is not for you. OziExplorerCE will not be available for Palm Pilots or any other operating system.
copilot.php Pocket CoPilot 3.5 UK
Travroute is a well established company in the GPS arena and they have previously had several versions of Navigation software available both for the PC and Pocket PC, and last year with an alliance with TeamWarrior in the UK, brought the Compaq iNS (iPAQ Navigation System) to both Compaq and the UK GPS users.
POIEdit2-install.php Pocket GPS POI Edit 2 installation
PocketGPS POI Edit 2 installation instructions
POIEdit3-install.php Pocket GPS POI Edit 3 Installation
PocketGPS POI Edit 3 installation instructions
tomtomann92002.php Pocket GPS TomTom Navigator for the Pocket PC
TomTom Navigator will go on sale in the UK in September 2002 and will be available from Dixons and other leading retailers at the price of £269.95 (inc VAT). TomTom Navigator ships complete with a map for one region (e.g. Great Britain) a GPS receiver, car stand and power adapter. TomTom Navigator does not require specialised installation. Additional maps are available for most European countries.
tomtomnavigatorsw.php Pocket GPS TomTom Navigator Software Review for the Pocket PC
TomTom (also known as Palmtop.nl) were the original Pocket PC GPS mapping company. They created Route Planner, TomTom CityMaps and also the re-badged versions of NAVMAN software (SmartPath City & Trips). Well, TomTom have gone one step further to keep themselves at the top of the GPS software category by not only providing their award winning maps, but added some features that other GPS software now have as standard.
mapcompare.php Pocket GPS Ultimate Map Comparison Guide
Pocket GPS Ultimate Map Comparison Guide. We include screenshots from SmartPath Trips/City, TomTom RoutePlanner/CityMaps, PowerLOC Destinator and Microsoft Pocket Streets.
pocket-live-wire.php Pocket Live Wire Traffic/News Reports
Pocket Live Wire is a program that originally started out as an addition to CoPilot 3.5 users as a subscription based service. Since then, Live Wire has been re-written and is now available for any Pocket PC based user who wants live traffic management, news and weather reports.
PocketGPSPOISync.php PocketGPSWorld POI-Sync
Pocket GPS POI-Sync is a new service from the Pocket GPS Team. This incorporates all of the POI
teletypesw.php Teletype
TeleType GPS software is the most flexible and fully featured GPS enabled mapping software available for Windows CE and Pocket PC. The same software also supports desktop and laptop systems. Whether you need a completely wireless system featuring wireless GPS receivers and software, or a budget based system you
tomtommaps.php TomTom Maps Online for the Pocket PC
TomTom Maps-on-Line is a wireless mapping and routing application, using location based server technology. Once the client software is installed on your Pocket PC ®, TomTom Maps-on-Line gives you access to detailed, street-level maps of twelve European countries without the need to preload any maps. Maps are sent instantly to your Pocket PC ® as you need them; no matter where you are, you always have detailed maps of the exact location with you.
tomtommapsonline.php TomTom Maps-on-Line Review
TomTom Maps-on-Line is really is an ingenious product, and as far as we
tomtom-mobile.php TomTom Mobile Review
If you
navigator140comparison.php TomTom Navigator 1.40 Comparison
TomTom yesterday released version 1.40 update for TomTom Navigator which is a free download from the TomTom website if you have purchased the product. Most of the changes we
tomtomnavigator2.php TomTom Navigator 2 Review
TomTom Navigator 2 like it
tomtomnavigator2upgrade.php TomTom Navigator 2 Upgrade Review
As many of you know I predicted a new version of TomTom Navigator (a successor) for around June 2003 the latest. TomTom have been very hard at work with TomTom Navigator 2 and have released it earlier than my prediction.
tomtomnavcreview.php TomTom Navigator Hardware Review
TomTom have not only created unrivalled GPS Software which is currently the pick of most GPS users, but now it
tomtommia.php TomTom Navigator MIA (Missing In Action)
There have been lots of messages on the forums and in personal emails to me regarding TomTom Navigator where people have found errors in the maps. TomTom have been providing fixes via TeleAtlas for the maps since TomTom was released, but there are still quite a number of outstanding map errors that people are noticing. TomTom have said theyare investigating all of these matters that are reported to their support department and are fixing these with map updates as soon as possible! We thought it might be better to collate the problems and show comparison screenshots so it also gives TomTom more information to go on, as it is always easier to see the problem if you can see it rather than having it described to you.


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