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SatNav hardware is useless without the software to drive it. We have reviewed a wide range of popular (and obscure) GPS applications, ranging from Street Routing to Topographical.

We even have sections for Marine and Aviation. Whatever the application we have the details.


Click here for Mobile Phone articles Mobile Phone A new trend is to produce SatNav software for mobile phones. This started with Wayfinder using a download service, but has grown over the last 18 months and the variety of software available rivals traditional PDA GPS software.

Most of the major SatNav companies have recognised the massive potential in the mobile market and have produced Street Routing and Topographical systems for Mobile phones.
Click here for Street Routing articles Street Routing Street Routing allows you to have street maps of the location you are in, and allow you to route from your current location to a destination, and to allow you to plot routes and avoid road blocks.

Most of the Street Routing systems available come with included POI's (Points of Interest) so you can navigate to tourist sites, cathedral's, railway stations, airports etc.

Just a small selection of Street Routing applications include Navigator, SmartST Pro, Alturion, AA, CoPilot and Destinator, Navigon…
Click here for US Street Routing articles US Street Routing As there are often quite large differences between the systems provided for Europe and for the USA we have split the Street Routing group into two with our USA reviews having their own section.

SatNav systems like TomTom Navigator and NavMan SmartST Pro are available in both groups, but there are also a lot of extra suppliers in the US.
Click here for Aviation articles Aviation Aviation Reviews include articles and reviews of hardware and software for in the cockpit whether it's tailored aviation products like TeleType Aviation, WinPilot AVR or NavGPS, or just systems that can help and aid flying a plane or helicopter.

This section also includes any reader reviews submitted on in-cockpit setups, or experiences with GPS and flying.
Click here for Marine articles Marine Ahoy there Mateys!

We only have a small marine section at the moment, but will be building it up over the next few months.
Click here for Topographical articles Topographical Topographical products include products written for the PDA or PC that allow you to use and calibrate scanned paper maps or downloadable maps from the internet or other sources.

Applications in this area include Memory-Map, Fugawi and OziExplorer.

These can include standard maps supplied from mapping companies, or pictures, photos or drawn maps.
Click here for Maps articles Maps SatNav is not too useful without maps. Although most systems come bundled with maps there is often a chance to buy additional mapping data, or in the case of Topographical products to buy Aerial Photography, or Nautical charts.
Click here for Utilities articles Utilities Unless you are the type of person who likes to get a package and just use it you will be looking for ways to increase the potential of your investment. There are lots of utilities out there developed either by large GPS companies, or just by an enthusiast to help you get the most from your system.
Click here for Add-ons articles Add-ons A lot of the SatNav software packages don't quite do what we would like them to. There is always that little extra that we desire, but the manufacturers did no put in to the system.

Add-ons are third party applications that can interface with other GPS company software.

There are quite a few applications that interface into TomTom Navigator like GPSAssist, POI-Warner, Navigator Add-on and CheckPOInt. PowerLOC Destinator also has Navigator Add-on.
Click here for Comparisons articles Comparisons With so many GPS Street Routing offerings it's important to show off the styles of maps used. Although most of the products use either NavTeq or TeleAtlas maps, the maps and interfaces vary from one product to another.

With the GPS Software Comparisons you can see exactly what each product looks like in a long table and also see the various levels of magnification on each map product.
Click here for Other articles Other There are some software packages that cannot easily be pigeon holed into one of the above groups. These are all reviewed in this category. If you cannot find the software you are looking for then try here.
Click here for Archive articles Archive Every year the SatNav software systems increase in power and complexity. There are still some people using software that is over two years old, but they are few and far between.

This section is where we retire our older reviews to so we can look back and long for that extended period waiting for the satellite fix, with your friends all hanging around impatiently…


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