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Please log in if you are able to. It will help with your support request.

Please use the form below to contact us with any issues regarding your subscription. Please use our forums for speed camera installation and satnav support queries. The support ticket system is intended for subscription payment, password and other account queries only.

IMPORTANT: Almost 100% of our support issues are answered below. Please read them first and only complete the form below if you still need help.

I've forgotten my password

Please check your welcome email. If you cannot find it, please click here to get your password emailed to you.

How do I install the speed camera alerts?

All our installation guides can be found at here.

What if I don't want to pay by PayPal?

We recognise that some people do not want to use PayPal so we have set up some alternate methods for payment here.

I've received an email fom PayPal cancelling my subscription

The email you received from PayPal is slightly misleading and you are not the first to be confused by it!

PayPal are notifying you that whilst you have paid your subscription fee and your account is active, you have either chosen to cancel the auto renewal aspect of the subscription or that a credit card on your PayPal account has expired or been otherwise invalidated preventing auto renewal.

We can assure you that your access to the database is unaffected and you will continue to have access until your current subscription expires.

You will still be able to renew at your discretion next year but this will not now take place automatically.

How do I change my email address or unsubscribe from newsletters/emails

We do not have direct access to the newsletter mailing lists and so cannot process email address changes.

To remove or amend your registered newsletter email address, you need to follow the instructions displayed at the foot of the newsletter.

Alternatively, enter the email address with which you subscribed in the Email Updates field on the left of our front page and follow the instructions for removal there.

To change your forum/membership email, please log into the forums, go to 'My Account' and change it there.

Your status is shown as "User Offline" and can't access the speed camera database

The two most common causes of your status being shown as 'Off-line' are:

1. Incorrect Date/Time on the computer you are using to log-in OR

2. A software firewall application on your computer that is blocking the cookie we use which results in your being shown as off-line.

If you are using a software firewall you can test if it is this that is the cause by disabling it temporarily. If you are then able to access the downloads you will need to add our URL 'http://www.pocketgpsworld.com' to the 'Safe' or 'Trusted' list in your firewall application.

I have submitted a camera, where's my free year's membership?

We're afraid we can't comment on individual submissions as checking takes an inordinate amount of time and we'd have no time to do other work (there are only four of us). But don't worry, if your camera report is the first, and passes verification, you'll automatically get upgraded. We have a very efficient automated system which is double-checked manually and meticulously by our database manager.

For all other subscription questions please use the support form below. Other speed camera or satnav questions must be asked in the forums.


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Model e.g. 520, nuvi 200:
Software Version:


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Receive a Copy:
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