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The SatNav software and hardware are just a part of the equipment you will need for your navigation requirements. There are a wealth of accessories that complete your set up.

We have selected a range of mounts, external antennas, re-radiating antennas, and cases and reviewed them to see how they hold up.


Click here for Bike Mounts articles Bike Mounts Most of the mounts that we review are specifically for cars. They are not the only mobile GPS users though. Jumping on my bike I have a full array of technology mounted on the handlebars. I even have room for a headlamp (just)!

For those of you who want to use your SatNav gear when out in the fresh air this section is for you.
Click here for Cases articles Cases You have just gone and spent an embarrassingly large amount of your disposable income on a PDA or SatNav system. The most important accessory you can get for it is a protective case.

We have reviewed a complete range of cases from the exclusive leather cases from Covertec to the rough and tough protective all weather cases from Otterbox.
Click here for Mounts articles Mounts Got a PDA or PND and you want to use it in the car? Then you will need a GPS Mount. We have trawled through most of the major manufacturers and produced reviews of the mounting systems available on the market.

Donít forget to checkout the Readers Kit section and also the GPS Mounts in the GPS Hardware section.
Click here for Power and Cables articles Power and Cables A constant problem with PDAs is the short battery life and the seemingly infinite number of connectivity options.

This section evaluates the offerings of a number of companies in an effort to overcome these shortcomings. We have reviewed some interesting solutions from external battery boxes through to Bluetooth cable which turn your Garmin or Magellan into a Bluetooth GPS receiver.
Click here for Sound and Handsfree articles Sound and Handsfree When you get up to speed in you car you will often find the sound output from you PDA a little quiet. This is where you need to get an external sound system. We look at external amplified solutions together with that much needed Mobile Phone handsfree systems.
Click here for Other articles Other Well not necessarily SatNav accessories, but everything else that doesn't fit into one of the other categories is hidden in this section. We have infra-red keyboards, and WiFi adapters, Styli and Screen Protectors.


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