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Here are just a few of the clients, partners and companies we are proud to work with...

If you are interested in partnering with PocketGPSWorld.com, pleaseget in touch via our Contact page or visit Corporate Enquiries for more information.
a-to-z A to Z Maps use our speed camera database for their printed maps and have exhibited at and sponsored one of our hugely popular PocketGPSWorld.com World Expos. They will also be using our fuel station points of interest in the near future. We also partner with A to Z to supply our speed cameras to London taxi drivers through Knowledge Master UK.
aa The Automobile Association were the Host Sponsor of one of our Expos and have kindly donated prizes for our community competitions. Additionally, ITIS, the company who supply speed and delay information for the AA, have jointly sponsored one of our Expos and have partnered with us to run their feedback and help desk from within our forums.
amr_logo-tn In partnership with and aided by the generous sponsorship and ground support of Michelin, PocketGPSWorld.com took part in the 2007 Action Medical Research 300 mile charity bike ride from London to Paris. Michelin have also sponsored us and exhibited at our World Expos.
bbc-gps We enjoy wide coverage from many different media sources about our Speed Camera Warnings and website; both BBC News and Radio use PocketGPSWorld.com as one of their "spokesmen" for the SatNav industry.
britishgas1 Safety conscious utilities company British Gas is one of our thousands of Speed Camera Warning clients. Taking a proactive rather than reactive stance, they encourage their staff to continually regulate their speed. The database is now boosting the safety levels of over 7000 of their employees.
police-gps PocketGPSWorld.com have launched a Navman recommended initiative with the British Police to host a National Register of Stolen GPS Devices which crime investigators use to identify the owners of recovered devices.
canalys-gps PocketGPSWorld.com are media partners with Canalys. They specialise in delivering market data, analysis and advice to the world’s leading technology vendors. They are also well known for their independent market analysis and events covering the SatNav sector.
5thgear-gps Channel 5's Fifth Gear have run a highly favourable item on PocketGPSWorld.com and our work with Speed Camera Warnings.
collins-speed-cameras Harper Collins Road Maps use our Speed Camera Warnings for their printed maps. There still exists a very healthy market for paper-based road maps with 100's of thousands of drivers in Britain relying on Collins every year.
In partnership with PocketGPSWorld.com, CoPilot distribute our Speed Camera Warnings to O2 who bundle it with a range of their devices. CoPilot, who have over a quarter of a century years of transportation technology leadership experience, also kindly support us through many of our exhibitions and competitions.
The CTIA Wireless shows are feted as the most important global technology events. CTIA represents the $500 billion worldwide wireless industry and attracts world class business and political speakers such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Al Gore. PocketGPSWorld.com are proud to be their Media Partners.
decarta-speed-cameras deCarta is the leading provider of advanced and comprehensive geospatial software platforms for mobile, personal navigation and enterprise location-based service (LBS) applications. They supply world class brands such as NAVTEQ, Tele Atlas, at&t, Sprint Nextel. deCarta are one of our valued Speed Camera Database clients.
garmin-speed-cameras Garmin have partnered with us for all of our Expos, donated prizes for our user competitions and we meet with them several times a year. We are currently listed as the only alternative UK speed camera database provider on their site.
inforad-speed-cameras European market leader Inforad, a specialist in road safety GPS geo-location systems, use Pocket GPS's UK speed camera database to power all of their UK products.
kenwood-speed-cameras Kenwood Electronics UK exclusively recommend the PocketGPSWorld.com speed camera database to their SatNav customers.
maplins-speed-cameras UK High Street retailers Maplin recommends to their SatNav customers that they subscribe to PocketGPSWorld.com for their safety camera warnings.
michelin Michelin use our safety camera locations in their UK printed road atlases and have sponsored and exhibited at our World Expos through their ViaMichelin brand. They have also supported our charitable efforts. They have donated many prizes for our user competitions and we have met with them (and Bibendum their mascot!) several times. They have also partnered with PocketGPSWorld.com to offer their customers help and collect feedback through our forums.
navmii-speed-cameras GeoLife, a software company that develops GPS satellite navigation software and location based services use Pocket GPS's Safety camera alerts for both their Windows Mobile and Symbian versions of Navmii.
navngo-speed-cameras 3D navigation software company Nav N Go offer PocketGPSWorld.com's Safety Camera Database to their iGo customers through their Naviextras portal.
navman-gps Navman have sponsored and exhibited at all of our Expos, donated many prizes for several of our user community competitions and we meet with them regularly. They have also supported our charitable efforts.
navigon-gps Navigon have partnered with us for our World Expos and donated products for of our prize draws.
navteq Navteq, one of the top 2 suppliers of maps to the GPS industry, exhibited at and were our Mapping Sponsor at one of our World Expos. We have helped judge their LBS challenges in Barcelona and they often seek our opinions.
nokia-lbs We are one of the judges at the annual Nokia sponsored Navteq Location Based Services Challenge. We have the honour of judging this prestigious GPS based competition alongside an elite global panel of industry experts which include BT, Orange, O2 and Vodafone. We meet with Nokia several times a year.
ordnance-survey-pois We have very close ties with Ordnance Survey who regularly seek our opinions. We are invited to visit them regularly. They have also partnered with PocketGPSWorld.com to run polls and garner feedback through our forums about their future products.
packard-bell-speed-cameras Packard Bell plays a leading role in the digital convergence revolution as it expands into mobility products. They distribute our speed camera database to their customers through their range of SatNav products.
pc-pro-gps We are in PC Pro's Top 50 Secret Websites. They say that "The most comprehensive and reliable [speed camera] database is available from PocketGPSWorld.com. With a million site visits every month, they are one of the most popular yet undiscovered secrets in the world of sat-nav. It’s also the first place to go for GPS-related problems or the latest device and software reviews. Underpinned by a knowledgeable and friendly community, PocketGPSWorld should be firmly on your web map."
philips-speed-cameras Philip's, one of Britain's best-known map, atlas and reference book publishers, use our speed camera database for their printed maps.
pocket-pc-speed-cameras We have worked with Pocket PC Magazine as a member of their "Board of Experts" helping judge and select winners for their Best Software Awards. We were also selected by them as one of 3 GPS "Best Sites for Windows Powered Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Smartphones".
route-66-gps Route 66, one of the mapping industry's most powerful brands, have sponsored one of our Expos and donated prizes for our user competitions. Founded in 1992, Route 66 is headquartered in Amsterdam. They specialize in route planning soft- and hardware products, and have distribution partners throughout Europe.
telmap-navigator SatMap use our enthusiastic outdoors GPS community as beta testers and have a dedicated PocketGPSWorld.com forum.
subaru-pois In partnership with the Subaru World Rally Team, PocketGPSWorld.Com produce the World Rally Championship Points of Interest (POIs) suitable for most SatNav devices. The POI File contains the locations of all the special stages of the World Rallies as well as the Service Park and Super Stage locations.
teleatlas-gps Tele Atlas Maps, one of the top 2 suppliers of maps to the GPS industry, have exhibited and partnered with us for all of our World Expos, donated prizes for many of our user competitions and we meet with them several times a year.
telmap-navigator Telmap is a world leader in mobile phone based GPS navigation and supply gold standard brands such as BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony, Motorola and Ericsson. They use our enthusiastic community as beta testers and have a dedicated PocketGPSWorld.com forum.
tom-tom-gps TomTom have partnered with us for all of our Expos, donated very generously for many of our user competitions, supported our charitable efforts and work closely with us to stamp out piracy in the SatNav industry. We have been listed as the only alternative dedicated UK speed camera database on their site and they recommend our forum to their users.
Where 2.0 LBS Pocket GPS are Media Partners with the prestigious Where 2.0 Conference. The conference provides a environment for the business community to interact with developers who are influencing location-aware technology. Organisations taking part in the event are TomTom, Google, Yahoo, OpenStreetMap, New York Times, United States Air Force, Nokia and MIT.



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