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PocketGPSWorld LogoPocketGPSWorld.com attracts over 1 million visits every month. Trusted by GPS industry professionals worldwide, we provide unbiased and comprehensive help, news and reviews.

With more than a quarter of a million registered users, we host one of the busiest forums on the Internet. Positioned within the top 0.001% for monthly unique visitors out of over 200 million web-sites, PocketGPSWorld.com is one of the most visited sites (of any category) worldwide.



Is Your Company's UK Speed Camera Database Accurate?


Don't damage your brand...


PocketGPSWorld.com produce the renowned and respected Speed Camera Warning Database, the first comprehensive database of its kind. It is widely regarded as the most trusted and best available anywhere.


We receive several thousand notifications of new, deleted and altered cameras each month from our

fast growing member community and, of course, our own team at PocketGPSWorld.com. We do not take not any of these submissions on trust - all locations are visited and physically checked by a member of our verification team.


The database covers over 40 countries and includes static, mobile, average and traffic light cameras.


Increase sales...


A "Free Safety Camera Warnings" splash or sticker on your boxes or website will have a marked impact on your sales volume.


Many companies already prominently promote our database online, in print and on the shelves as a major benefit for their products and are therefore increasing sales. Contact marketing @ PocketGPSWorld.com for more information.



Safety Camera Warning Fleet License Discounts


Bulk Safety Camera Warning Licenses are available for UK Company Fleet Drivers / Company Employees. Take advantage of the huge discounts that are available.


Many safety conscious companies already take a proactive stance by encouraging their staff to continually regulate their speed. PocketGPSWorld.com's Safety Camera Database is boosting the safety levels of tens of thousands of employees and is deployed with some of the largest fleets in the UK.


Visit Fleet Discount Safety Cameras for more information.



Advertise through Google on PocketGPSWorld.com


All advertising on PocketGPSWorld.com is handled by Google Adwords. Adwords makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to advertise on targeted websites, regardless of their budget size. You can target your ads based on keywords, geographic location of the visitor, and target specific websites.

The ad formats they serve include the effective text link ads, image ads and even eye catching flash

and video ads.


We are also happy to consider specific advertising campaigns. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities, our contact details are available here.


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