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The Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database is a comprehensive database of Speed Cameras located within the UK. Coupled with GPSAssist, POI-Warner or CheckPOInt you can be alerted when you are driving towards a speed camera.

Our database is updated on a regular basis, and you can help keep your driving license clean by downloading our database.


Click here for Software articles Software Do you want to keep your Driving License? Then you need the PocketGpsWorld.com Speed Camera Database. This section also includes details of various add-on software applications to alert you when approaching a speed camera.
Click here for How-Tos articles How-Tos Not sure how to use your SatNav system with Speed Camera databases? We have a range of articles for most SatNav software systems explaining how to set up and use your system most effectively.
Click here for Detectors articles Detectors Are you looking for a Speed Camera detector? We have reviews of some of the more popular systems. Remember that active detectors will soon be illegal and you will only be able to use passive ones driven by GPS and Speed Camera databases.


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