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Unless you are the type of person who likes to get a package and just use it you will be looking for ways to increase the potential of your investment. There are lots of utilities out there developed either by large GPS companies, or just by an enthusiast to help you get the most from your system.


Direct-Yourself-with-Garmin-Voice-Studio-1442.php Direct Yourself with Garmin Voice Studio
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - Direct Yourself with Garmin Voice Studio
gpsinfo.php GPS Info for the Pocket PC
GPS Info is a simple no fuss, no configuration tool, that when you run it, it will give you full details about the satellite fixes you have, which type of fix, minimum, average and maximum satellite signal it is currently receiving, how many satellites it currently has a fix on and also the full driver version you are are running to talk to your GPS receiver.
followme.php JGUI Follow Me Review
Click here for the review of the JGUI follow me GPS application
whereami.php JGUI Where am I review
Click here for the review of the JGUI Where am I GPS application.
kaspersky_pda_av.php Kaspersky Security for PDA Review
PocketGPS Review of Kaspersky Security for Smartphones, Nokia, Symbian, Personal Digital Assistants, PocketPC
winfastnavigatorppc.php Tweaking and Testing your GPS Receiver
Something we find ourselves explaining time and time again in the forums is how to run diagnostic software against your GPS Receiver to check to see if it
vitonavigator.php Vito Navigator Review
Vito Navigator is basically a GPS utility. It works both in NMEA and SiRF and gives you enhanced information about your current position. Navigator has a Satellite Constellation Map (Sky View)


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