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 GPS Info for the Pocket PC

30th August 2002


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Anyone that knows me, or frequents the Pocket GPS forum will probably hear me mention problems I've had gaining acquisitions, and time to first fix.  A great tool that has been around for a while now is a tool called GPS Info from Navman.

Let me start by saying, it's an ingenious tool and basic tool that does it's job correctly.  I actually wonder why nobody has written a utility like this before ?

GPS Info is a simple no fuss, no configuration tool, that when you run it, it will give you full details about the satellite fixes you have, which type of fix, minimum, average and maximum satellite signal it is currently receiving, how many satellites it currently has a fix on and also the full driver version you are are running to talk to your GPS receiver.

It shows you all of this on a no fuss, text screen.  The only option is to exit!  Plain and simplistic, that's what I like!




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