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TomTom GO Brodit mount review revisited 16th February 2005

Review by Mike Barrett



Back in October I reviewed a Brodit mount for the TomTom Go. Since then Brodit have released two more mounts for the TomTom Go with slightly different designs. This review will look at all three mounts the pros and cons of each design, and present a personal opinion of the best of the bunch.


Brodit are well known for their mounting systems for PDAs and other mobile devices. With the introduction of the TomTom GO there was obviously an opportunity to create a fixed mount rather than the windscreen suction mount provided with the GO.


Both Brodit and their UK distributors Nemesis graciously provided me with review samples of the mounts from the first batches to leave the production lines. Have Brodit now come up with the perfect mount for the TomTom GO? Read on and find out what I thought of them.

Brodit custom mounting systems

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tomtom go brodit mounts


From left to right we have: the original 215027, the 215038, and the 215039.

What's in the box or in this case the bag!

The mount is supplied, as all Brodit mounts, in a polythene bag. This will contain:

  • The mount itself.
  • A tilt and swivel base (only the 215027)
  • A set of screws to mount the plate.

In addition to the mount you will also need a vehicle specific ProClip to fix the mount to although they could all be screwed directly to a convenient point in the car but that would defeat the objective of the non-destructive mount system.


The TomTom GO Brodit mounts review

The objective of the TomTom GO Brodit mount is to replace the original TomTom GO windscreen suction mount with a more permanent, fixed mounting solution. The images below show my Ford Probe and Chrysler Voyager with the TomTom GO original mount and the new positions made possible by the Brodit Mounts.

Original TomTom Mount TomTom Go Brodit mount


tomtom go brodit mountstomtom go brodit mounts


TomTom GO Brodit Mount 215027

The mount relies on reusing the arm from the original TomTom Go mount. This is removed simply by unscrewing the retaining bolt and pulling the arm away from the suction holder.


I already had a clip and baseplate fitted to my car so all I had to do was unscrew the baseplate from the mount and screw it onto the baseplate on my clip. You will notice that I am lazy and only attached the baseplate to the clip using 2 screws. This has been in place for over a year and the screws were still as tight as the day I set the mount up.


Once the baseplate has been attached the main TomTom GO mounting plate need to be screwed in place. Between the two plates is a nylon friction washer, which ensures a firm and slip free transition between the two parts.


The images below show the assembly of the two plates to form the mount.

TomTom GO Brodit mount plate

When the mounting plate has been fixed correctly you then need to detach the TomTom GO arm from the original windscreen suction mount and screw it into the Brodit mount.


There is a slight problem with the power connector, see below in Issues and problems for more details.


The Tilt and Swivel mounting plates allow a certain amount of horizontal and vertical adjustment, coupled with the additional movement offered by the TomTom Go arm itself.


The picture to the right shows the fully assembled mount.


There was only one drawback with this mount: you could not connect the power cable to the TomTom mount. It had to be connected to the TomTom GO prior to being inserted into the mount.


My Rating :: Second

The TomTom GO brodit mount

TomTom GO Brodit Mount 215039

This mount also relies on reusing the arm from the original TomTom Go mount. This is removed simply by unscrewing the retaining bolt and pulling the arm away from the suction holder.


The difference is that this time the both the horizontal and vertical joints are used. This allows the mount to be securely fitted to the ProClip with no moving parts in between. The adjustments made for angles in both planes come from the elbows of the original TomTom mount.


The main benefit of this mount is that it allows the GO to be positioned with absolute precision in just about any position that you require. Another benefit is that the mount can have permanent power applied so the GO just has to be snapped into place and off you go.

tomtom go brodit mounts

I am using the TomTom external aerial mount to connect to the TomTom GO and this has perfect clearance for all cabling with no restrictions on the position of the system.


In use this mount produced the most vibration of all three Brodit mounts. This was mainly to do with the flexibility of the arm. A problem seen with the original mount when it was not being supported by the dashboard.


A related problem I found whilst testing, was that the mount had a tendency to work loose after a time and needed re tightening. This again is an issue brought forward from the design of the original mount.


Both of these issues are design problems of the original mount inherited by Brodit. This is unfortunate really as this mount ticked all my boxes for functionality.


My Rating :: Third

tomtom go brodit mounts

TomTom GO Brodit Mount 215038

This mount differs from the other two in that it is a complete mount incorporating a holder for the TomTom GO replacing the original. This mount requires a ProClip to fix it to the car.


The GO Brodit 215038 features a swivel base for the TomTom GO, which can be locked into position by tightening two screws on the underside. These can be seen in the image to the lower right.


There were two slight drawbacks to this mounting solution: There is no adjustment in the vertical plane, and the power could not be applied to the mount permanently. Neither of these were major for my requirements, but could vary depending on your ProClip position.


In use I found this to be the most stable of the Brodit TomTom GO mounts. There was very little vibration transmitted to the GO.


My Rating :: First

tomtom go brodit mounts
tomtom go brodit mounts tomtom go brodit mounts



The Brodit mounts for the TomTom GO all appear to be typical well engineered permanent mounting solutions from Brodit which match the excellence that we have come to expect from their products.


Each of these mounts address different individual usage models of which I found the 215038 the most appropriate for my Ford Probe and Chrysler Voyager, but for other cars the others may be more suited.


The 215027 and 215039 mounts both accept either the original TomTom GO holder, or the External Aerial holder. With the caveat that the 215027 can not have the mount powered, but the GO can be powered directly.



Our original Brodit GO review tomtom-go-brodit-mount.php
Manufacturers Website www.brodit.se
UK Distributors www.nemesisgb.com
Pocket GPS Contributor

Mike Barrett

Pocket GPS Contributor Website


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