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TomTom GO Brodit mount review 13th October 2004

Review by Mike Barrett



Brodit are well known for their mounting systems for PDAs and other mobile devices. With the introduction of the TomTom GO there was obviously an opportunity to create a fixed mount rather than the windscreen suction mount provided with the GO. This mount is priced at £19.99 including VAT, but you will also need a vehicle specific ProClip.


The UK Brodit distributors Nemesis graciously provided me with a review sample of the mount from the first batch to enter the UK. Have Brodit come up with the perfect mount for the TomTom GO? Read on and find out what I thought of it.

Brodit custom mounting systems

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What's in the box


Issues and Problems



What's in the box or in this case the bag!

The mount is supplied, as all Brodit mounts, in a polythene bag. This contains:

  • The mount itself.
  • A tilt and swivel base
  • A set of screws to mount the base plate.

In addition to the mount you will also need a vehicle specific ProClip to fix the mount to.


The TomTom GO Brodit mount review

The objective of the TomTom GO Brodit mount is to replace the original TomTom GO windscreen suction mount with a more permanent, fixed mounting solution. The images below show my Ford Probe with the TomTom GO original mount and the new position made possible by the Brodit Mount.

Original TomTom Mount TomTom Go Brodit mount

The mount relies on reusing the arm from the original TomTom Go mount. This is removed simply by unscrewing the retaining bolt and pulling the arm away from the suction holder.


I already had a clip and baseplate fitted to my car so all I had to do was unscrew the baseplate from the mount and screw it onto the baseplate on my clip. You will notice that I am lazy and only attached the baseplate to the clip using 2 screws. This has been in place for over a year and the screws were still as tight as the day I set the mount up.


Once the baseplate has been attached the main TomTom GO mounting plate need to be screwed in place. Between the two plates is a nylon friction washer, which ensures a firm and slip free transition between the two parts.


The images below show the assembly of the two plates to form the mount.

TomTom GO Brodit mount base plateTomTom GO Brodit mount plate

The TomTom GO brodit mountWhen the mounting plate has been fixed correctly you then need to detach the TomTom GO arm from the original windscreen suction mount and screw it into the Brodit mount.


There is a slight problem with the power connector, see below in Issues and problems for more details.


The Tilt and Swivel mounting plates allow a certain amount of horizontal and vertical adjustment, coupled with the additional movement offered by the TomTom Go arm itself.


The picture to the right shows the fully assembled mount.


One of the good points about this design is that if you need to revert to the TomTom GO original mount it is a simple matter of unscrewing the arm and replacing it in the windscreen mount. You can then fit it into another car. Literally a two minute job.


I have not used the mount extensively so a long term appraisal is not available yet, but I did have a good drive around and had no problems.


In fact I deliberately selected some routes with sleeping policemen, some rough roads, and some fast roads. The mount seemed as stable as the original TomTom GO windscreen mount, but the position was far superior. That said there is some vibration, it is not as stable as a Brodit PDA mount. This is due to the design of the connecting arm. The stability will also be determined to a certain extent by the clip you are using so it will change from car to car.


Although the driving I did was in somewhat inclement weather where there would be little or no chance of reflections the position of the mount is such that these would be reduced.


Issues and Problems

TomTom GO mount problemWhilst I was assembling the TomTom GO arm to the Brodit mount I attempted to fit the power connector. Unfortunately it is not possible to insert the power connector into the arm and still fit the arm's retaining bolt as the power connector gets in the way.


A workaround is to use the power connector in the back of the TomTom GO, but this is not ideal as you have to fit the power connector then snap the GO onto the mount. If Brodit provided a retaining bolt with a longer sleeve, this would clear the connector and still tighten the arm. You could also pop down to your local hardware store and buy a bolt to screw in place, or do what I did! Recycled the bolt from the GO by pulling plastic finger grip off. A further option is that you can turn the mount upside down, this makes the position of the GO somewhat higher, but does allow the use of the power connector in the arm.


One of the features of the TomTom GO mount is that the joints seemed to either not tighten enough or would work loose over time. This seems to follow through with the arm. I expect that a drop of Loctite or similar would alleviate this problem.



The Brodit mount for the TomTom GO appears to be a typical well engineered permanent mounting solution from Brodit to match the excellence that we have come to expect from their products. This is let down slightly by the oversight of not providing an additional bolt which would allow the power connector to be used on the arm rather than having to plug it in every time you use it.


I have only used the mount as a replacement for the TomTom GO original mount. TomTom have released an external antenna, which we are waiting to review, it is not clear at the moment if the connectors for this will foul on the Brodit mount.


  • Sturdy permanent mounting solution
  • Typical Brodit quality
  • Better positioning in car


  • Power connector does not fit.
  • Does not tighten arm joint enough



Manufacturers Website www.brodit.se
UK Distributors www.nemesisgb.com
Pocket GPS Contributor

Mike Barrett

Pocket GPS Contributor Website




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