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TomTom GO replaceable front covers 16th February 2005

Review by Mike Barrett


When we visited CeBIT last year at the TomTom GO launch virtually all of the GOs had different coloured front covers. In fact tho only silver one was the one demonstrated to us by Mark Gretton the TomTom programme director. Well these have now hit the streets, and thanks to TotalPDA we have one to review.


For less than a tenner (or €14.99) you can personalise your TomTom GO to match your car. Well only to a certain extent. The only colours available at the moment are: Black, Red and Lime Green. Guess which one TotalPDA sent me. Yep you got it LIME GREEN.

What do you get?

The TomTom GO front cover is a moulded replacement for the original silver cover. It comes in a bubble pack.


As you can see mine is lime green. Interestingly when we were at CeBIT I dont remember seeing this colour. Blue, yellow green, red and black were on display, but not lime green.


Replacing the original TomTom GO Cover

To replace the original TomTom GO front cover all you need to do is to turn the GO upside down and press hard on the catch which releases the cover. It is a good idea to remove the SD card before you do this.


You will then have to get your fingernails behind the cover and pull it off. This is shown below and to the right.

To fit the new cover simply line up the lugs and press down untill you hear it snap on. You may have to repeat this round the edges as sometimes it doesent snap on all the way round.


The final thing to do is replace the SD card and start the GO again. As the SD card has been removed the TomTom GO will start with a system boot so will take a little longer than a normal startup.


The result is shown to the right: a personalised TomTom GO. A simple modification that anybody can do.





Manufacturers Website www.tomtom.com
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Mike Barrett

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Review sample provided by TotlaPDA



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