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A lot of the SatNav software packages don't quite do what we would like them to. There is always that little extra that we desire, but the manufacturers did no put in to the system.

Add-ons are third party applications that can interface with other GPS company software.

There are quite a few applications that interface into TomTom Navigator like GPSAssist, POI-Warner, Navigator Add-on and CheckPOInt. PowerLOC Destinator also has Navigator Add-on.


tomtom-poi-alerts.php Customised POI Warning Sounds For TomTom 4 and 5 and 6
Click here for Customised POI warning sounds for TomTom
poiwarner.php Navigating.de Navigator Add-on & POI-Warner
Since TomTom have released their SDK (Software Development Kit) to developers, there have been many developers starting to create add-in products for TomTom Navigator to try and address the features that aren
garmin-poi-loader.php POIs for the Garmin i3 POI Loader
Just recently Garmin introduced the Garmin POI Loader. This allows users to create custom POI files for the Garmin, or use POI files in the csv format generated by third parties. Of course PocketGPSWorld.com has a huge resource of POIs and we are working hard to convert them all into the correct format for the Garmin POI Loader. This will make them compatible with a range of the new Garmin navigation devices including the iQue M3, Quest 2, nuvi, StreetPilot 2720, StreetPilot C310, StreetPilot C320, StreetPilot C330, StreetPilot C340, StreetPilot i2, StreetPilot i3, and StreetPilot i5.
magellan-poi-manager.php POIs for the Magellan Roadmate
The Magellan Roadmate ships with the
roadtour-satnav-tour-guide-review.php ROADTOUR Satnav Tour Guide Review
subaru-world-rally-team-poi.php Subaru World Rally Team Points Of Interest POI
PocketGPSWorld.Com has partnered with the Subaru World Rally Team to launch, for the first time ever, free downloadable GPS POI (Points of Interest) guides to the World Rally Championship
ordnance-survey-points-of-interest-a1037.php The Ordnance Survey have 4 million POIs
The guys at the OS dont just get the roads and contours on the maps they also survey buildings and manage addresses. The business group that we were invited to visit are responsible for maintaining the Points of Interest (POI) database for the UK. Which brings me nicely to the point of this article. The OS have millions of Points of Interest in the UK and want to find out if you guys are interested in them...
tomtom-map-versions.php TomTom Compatibility matrix for program builds and map versions
Click here for TomTom Compatibility matrix for program builds and map versions
tomtom-go-traffic.php TomTom GO 300 Traffic review
PocketGPSWorld.com: Click here for the review of the TomTom GO 300 Traffic service.
tomtom-plus.php TomTom Plus Personalised Navigation Services
PocketGPSWorld.com: Click here for details of the new TomTom Plus Personalised Navigation Services
trafcam.php TrafCam for the Pocket PC
Today more and more people are getting caught for speeding than crime. Although speeding is thought of as a crime as it causes road death, most people do not intentionally speed. When driving along a road if someone jumped out in front of you with a vascar laser gun, would you know what the speed limit of the road was ?


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