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Live from CeBIT 2005 10-11th March 2005

Article by Mike Barrett, Lutz Bendlin, Robert Brady, and Darren Griffin


Here we are again back at CeBIT in Hannover. This time we are staying right in the centre of the city with our fingers on the pulse of what is happening.


We will be logging all the exhibition news in the CeBIT forum, and also cataloguing all the articles we write on this page.


Today has started of with a flood of press releases. My poor fingers are struggling to keep up.


Lets hope you have as much fun as we are having.


Image of the Day

Mike has both hands full of hardware

He will worry about software later.

The Gizmondo will launch in the UK on March the 19th Do you think I will be there?



Article Title Article Link
TomTom TomTom Launch GO 300, GO 500 and GO 700 hardware systems tomtom-go-new-hardware.php
TomTom TomTom announce new software and upgrade for GO tomtom-go-5.php
TomTom TomTom announce Navigator 5 for PDA and software upgrade tomtom-navigator-5.php
TomTom TomTom announce new TomTom Rider for motorbikes tomtom-rider.php
TomTom TomTom announce new accessories for GO tomtom-go-accessories.php
TomTom TomTom launch new TomTom Plus Service for navigation systems tomtom-plus.php
NavMan NavMan announce the PiN570 Navigation system navman-pin570.php
TomTom TomTom Mobile 5 : Full review tomtom-mobile-5.php
TomTom TomTom Navigator 5 : Full Review (Palm & Pocket PC) tomtom-navigator-pda-5.php

Other Pictures

Something sporty from NavMan..


Harold Goddijn TomTom CEO and Mike with Tomb Raider (sorry TomTom Rider)


One for the ladies?


And they said miniturisation was in!!


Dan, Dan the Co-Pilot Man

Co-Pilot Live bundled with T-Mobile UK only


Alturion with Sean from Easy Devices, Lutz and Darren


Something not yet announced from NavMan so we can't talk about it!


BMW Connected, or is that totaly Wired?


The star of the Show a $1,200,000 Bugati


And Robert has taken a liking to it!!

only $1,199,000 left to save.


This is Mike's new office.


Cebit 2005

Where is everyone? CeBIT before the public are let in..


Cebit 2005

Darren and Robert prepare for CeBIT.





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