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Pocket GPS at CTIA Wireless 2009 April 1st - 3rd 2009, Las Vegas

April 1st - 3rd 2009, Las Vegas will oversee the convergence of more than 1,200 exhibiting companies, dozens of industries, and over 40,000 professionals from 125 countries.

The International CTIA Wireless Event 2009 is being feted as the most important global technology event of 2009.

PocketGPSWorld.com are proud to have been chosen as Official CTIA Media Partners and we will be in attendance at the show as usual.

Check the blog for a series of exhibitor interviews that we'll be publishing to coincide with the show.

Created by Robert Brady on Thursday, March 26 @ 17:45:00 UTC

Nuance Speech Solutions Interview - Talking Technology

nuance-gpsSpeech solutions company Nuance Communications are currently demonstrating their products at CTIA Wireless 2009, Las Vegas. Nuance are based in Burlington, Massachusetts and predict their 2009 revenue to exceed a billion dollars. All of the top 10 personal navigation device manufacturers use Nuance speech and they claim that over a billion mobile devices will include their speech technology within 3 years.

To continue our short series of interviews that we are running alongside Pocket GPS's own visit to CTIA we asked Arnd Weil, Automotive and PND Business General Manager, about Nuance's GPS related work.


Article by robert on Friday, April 03 @ 22:33:01 UTC

Compass Points to the Future of POIs

ipointer-ctiaIntelligent Spatial Technologies (iST) are currently demoing their iPointer, (tagged "TV Remote for the Real World") at CTIA Wireless 2009, Las Vegas.

iPointer is a fascinating new idea whereby you simply point your mobile phone or PDA at a nearby building or POI (point of interest) and it pulls up information about it. You're supplied with all sorts of details, such as the building or landmark's name, what's its use, opening times, special interest information, history, etc. It cuts out the time identifying the name of the building and having to search the net for it. So far, iST has aggregated information on 50 European cities and 58 in the US.

Rather than attempt to explain the technology behind it myself, according to the iST website, pointing based search generally refers to a search technique that allows a user to input spatial data to a computer by using a pointing device to identify an object of interest and then receive information related to that object.

To perform pointing based search with the iPointer, the user first activates an iPointer Client application on a cell phone or PDA. Once the application is running, the user simply points the handset at a landmark, building, or point of interest, and clicks a selector button. The iPointer client then builds its search criteria with input from a GPS receiver (position) and a digital magnetic compass (orientation) and sends it to the iPointer Server. The GPS and compass can either be on board the handset or made available as an accessory device connected via Bluetooth technology.
The iPointer geospatial search engine receives the search criteria and identifies the physical location that the user has selected using patent-pending pointing based search algorithms. Once the location has been identified, relevant location-specific content is assembled by the iPointer's content aggregation logic and delivered to the user's handset.

When the search results are returned, the iPointer client prepares the results for display to the end-user. In some cases, the search results may be augmented with data stored in a local content cache (e.g., compact flash memory) at the handset. This technique can be useful when the number of potential searches for a particular area is finite and the search results include multi-media content (e.g., a tour of a historic battlefield).

I asked their CEO, Chris Frank for some background about Maine based iST and iPointer.


Article by robert on Friday, April 03 @ 21:27:37 UTC

WaveMarket CEO Interview - Future Proof Privacy?

tasso-wavemarket-lbsTasso Roumeliotis, CEO of WaveMarket, had a diverse career before founding his company. He was involved in one of the largest film distribution businesses, several music and sports companies and Rolling Stones concert promotions. Tasso is the kind of man that appears to have his finger on the "cool button".

WaveMarket is currently showcasing its services at CTIA Wireless 2009, Las Vegas where it has also unveiled a location aware advertising initiative with Millennial Media, the largest mobile advertising network in the US.

The initiative will develop opt-in mobile ad location based services for brands with the capability to locate a particular user where they are with "street corner" accuracy.

Continuing our series of industry interviews that we are running alongside PocketGPSWorld.com's visit to CTIA, we asked Tasso what he felt the future held not only for WaveMarket, but also for GPS and location based services (LBS) as a whole.


Article by robert on Friday, April 03 @ 21:06:39 UTC

ARKNAV President - Why Attend CTIA?

arknav-ctiaWe continue our series of industry interviews that we are running alongside our visit to CTIA 2009, Las Vegas with Richard Tijsen, President of ARKNAV.

ARKNAV, formerly known as Stars Navigation, manufacturers GPS peripherals such as antennas and data loggers/locators and integrated tracking solutions including location based services (LBS) and personal tracking systems.

Las Vegas is a long way to travel from Taiwan - I asked Richard why Taipei based ARKNAV were exhibiting at CTIA.


Article by robert on Friday, April 03 @ 20:28:11 UTC

TrafficCast Interview - TomTom Deal Announcement

trafficcastPocketGPSWorld.com interviews Nick Kiernan, VP of Business Development for TrafficCast International.

Q: Have you made any announcements at CTIA Wireless, 2009?

A: TrafficCast announced the launch of Dynaflow™ 2.0. Unique features of Dynaflow 2.0 are its 48 hour forecasting and its data quality including the use reliable and accurate local and regional GPS tracking data. Combined, the features will enable better travel decision making and road speed forecasting. trafficcastAnd we’re delighted that Dynaflow 2.0 will be integrated into TomTom’s GO 740 LIVE personal navigational device that will be available to consumers in mid-April 2009.

It’s a connected device and TomTom will be able to take full advantage of Dynaflow 2.0’s coverage with robust bandwidth.


Article by robert on Friday, April 03 @ 03:27:06 UTC

Networks in Motion Interview - Mobilising LBS

Networks In Motion Doug AntoneNetworks In Motion's partnership with FusionOne, a provider of mobile phone content portability services, was announced today at CITA Wirless 2009, Las Vegas. As a result, NIM’s NAVBuilder LBS Platform and AtlasBook™ Navigator, will be integrated with FusionOne’s Network Address Book solution.

Currently, Navigator users need to find or enter an address to map a new location. With this new integration between the two platforms, users can now launch the address book and select their destination without leaving the Navigator. Similarly, consumers who are using FusionOne’s Network Address Book to manage and share their contacts are now able to directly map an address or get directions from within the address book application.

To coincide with the CTIA Wireless event, we continue our series of interviews with the movers and shakers of the mobile world. We speak to Doug Antone, CEO of Networks in Motion (NIM). NIM has over one million paid users of its location based services (LBS) products.

Its customers include Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Ericsson, Sprint and YellowPages.com. NIM’s NAVBuilder platform is the most widely used mobile phone navigation service in North America.


Article by robert on Friday, April 03 @ 01:52:50 UTC

NAVTEQ LBS Challenge: Prized Locations...and the winner is..

navteq-lbsNavteq continues their series of NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenges, offering a prize pool valued at over $5.5 million US in cash and prizes.

Now in its sixth year, the Challenge encourages application developers to build innovative location based services that work with mobile and wireless devices.

They have announced their Americas grand prize winner and three runners-up at an awards ceremony at the CTIA Wireless 2009 Show, Las Vegas.


Article by robert on Friday, April 03 @ 01:19:12 UTC

Qualcomm Interview - The Future of Location

Qualcomm CTIAPocket GPS at CTIA Wireless 2009 | Qualcomm Interview - The Future of Location

Qualcomm is currently exhibiting at the CTIA Wireless 2009 Show in Las Vegas. Based in San Diego, Qualcomm is a FORTUNE 500 company, has over 15,000 employees. It boasted over $10 billion in revenue in 2008 and is one of the biggest players in attendance.

The company plays a central role in the growth of 3G and next-generation wireless around the world. They count more than 145 telecommunications equipment manufacturers as customers worldwide. Qualcomm has pioneered GPS/A-GPS in handsets since 2001 by providing this functionality as an integrated feature in the wireless modem.

At CTIA they are showcasing their Snapdragon mobile computing platform prototype, Wistron’s PBook, complete with A-GPS, for the first time in the U.S.

In conjunction with the show, we have interviewed Qualcomm's Director of Product Management, Leslie Presutti.Leslie Presutti
Leslie holds responsibility for managing Qualcomm's multimedia support with an emphasis on audio and position location. Her role includes identifying new opportunities, growing business, and formulating product strategy for many of QCT’s multimedia capabilities, such as gpsOne® position-location technology. She has been at Qualcomm for nearly ten years.

Q: Leslie, how do you see the future for GPS technologies in relation to wireless?


Article by robert on Thursday, April 02 @ 18:06:47 UTC

BlackBerry App World Officially Unveiled at CTIA Wireless

appworldResearch In Motion have officially revealed details of its BlackBerry App World on-device storefront at CTIA Wireless, 2009 Las Vegas.

According to co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis, BlackBerry App World would aggregate applications in one place.

13 different categories will be available including maps and navigation, social networking and travel.

Discuss here...

Article by robert on Thursday, April 02 @ 17:42:58 UTC

deCarta and Mobile Distillery Simplify Mobile Development

mobile-distilleryFrom the floor of the CTIA Wireless 2009 Show, Las Vegas, location based services (LBS) solutions provider deCarta and Mobile Distillery have announced a new technology partnership which makes it possible for application developers to easily create LBS content that is automatically ported to multiple handsets from one single source code. The integration of the two solutions promises significant productivity savings for deCarta developers.

They have also announced the latest upgrades to both of their core solutions. The company is demonstrating the latest and upcoming versions of its Celsius and Alembic software solutions which together allow the management of the entire lifecycle of mobile content and services, from prototyping and development through to porting and maintenance.


Article by robert on Thursday, April 02 @ 03:01:13 UTC

TCS Interview - Dynamic Location Based Services

tcs-ctiaPocket GPS is currently attending the international CTIA Wireless 2009 Show, Las Vegas. If you have any connection with the smartphone and location based services (LBS) industries, this is certainly the place to be at the moment.

Despite the economic gloom, market intelligence firm IDC expects the GPS smartphone market to grow 8.9% in 2009 alone and, according to Gartner, the worldwide LBS market will be worth $8 Billion by 2011. Although handset sales will decline generally in 2009, according to research by Informa Telecoms & Media, smartphone sales are predicted to grow by as much as 30 percent. ABI Research say that 550 million GPS handsets are projected to be in use by 2012.

The buzz from the exhibition floor surrounds the increasing interest in LBS, app stores, search and social networking. Social-networking features such as sharing points of interest (POIs) and geo-tagged photos are still experiencing healthy growth and will continue to boost the sector's fortunes.

As usual, the industry is well represented at CTIA and to coincide with the event, PocketGPSWorld.com has interviewed Tim Lorello of TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), one of the biggest LBS industry players at the show. Headquartered in Maryland, NASDAQ quoted TCS has 600 employees servicing government customers, public safety bodies, and carriers. Their revenue for 2008 was US$220,000,000.


TCS Interview
Tim Lorello of TCS

Article by robert on Thursday, April 02 @ 02:45:11 UTC

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