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Suction Problems

18th August 2002

Article by Dave Burrows


Many Pocket GPS users find that they have problems with the suction cup or sucker on their windscreen.  Even though most of the suction mounts come with a lever arm to create suction between the cup and the windscreen, it is better to follow these simple steps before applying to windscreen


1) Purchase some Monitor wipes (the ones where you have a wet and a dry wipe)


2) Clean the area of the windscreen you will be applying the suction mount to


3) Once clean, moisten the suction cup.  Don't just lick it, slobber all over it!  Get as much moisture you can onto this cup.  If you'd prefer, wet it with a cloth and some water.


4) Now attach the suction mount/arm to your Pocket PC and gauge roughly where about you would like to place it on the windscreen where you've used the wet wipes.  What you want to achieve is to try and create a ledge for your ipaq to rest on, on the dashboard.  Even if you have no dashboard under the Pocket PC, try and wedge it up against something like the arch over the steering wheel as this will stop the Pocket PC vibrating at high speed and allow for better grip to the windscreen.


Modified Suction Mount


5) Now apply this to the Windscreen of the car making sure you push onto the windscreen very hard with one hand, and with the other push the suction lever down to create further suction.


You should now have a suction mount that will stay on your car windscreen for 2-4 weeks. 


You will find that the suction mounts will drop from the windscreen if the car is exposed to long periods in hot sun, so you may find the arm on the floor when you get back to your vehicle after a long day at work.


If you have a coated windscreen which is causing suction problems, then you might like to check out Darren Griffin's and Duncan Hill's modified mounts.

Modified Vent Mount


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