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Modified NAVMAN Mounts

18th August 2002

Article by Dave Burrows

It has been reported by quite a number of NAVMAN GPS Sleeve users that the original NAVMAN supplied bracket would fall off the windscreen no matter how carefully it was applied.


Some people are more prone to this because they have coated windscreens which provides a reduced suction between the windscreen and suction cup.


For those that don't have a coated windscreen, try Darren Griffin's modified NAVMAN bracket below.  If however you would prefer a mount that fits to your vents, take a look at Duncan Hill's modified mount.


Modified Suction Mount

I bought a similar gooseneck style bracket from halfords (a car auto store) for 9.99 at the suggestion of another user. However the NAVMAN bracket would not come off the stalk without a lot of force and so, scared that I would break it I did the following:


1) I removed the 'sucker' foot from the halfords bracket and transplanted this onto the NAVMAN mount. 


2) This foot was about 5mm wider and had a shorter arm.  Thus when the clamp lever is applied it's cam action operates over a greater range. This creates a larger vacuum and has a larger surface area over which to grip.


This simple mod means the bracket has not fallen off since, no matter how hot or cold the car gets. The central position also means my wife can see where we are on a long journey!




Modified Vent Mount

1. Purchase the appropriate mounting bracket from www.dashmount.co.uk ensuring that the bracket will provide good satellite visibility.


2. Remove the NAVMAN bracket from the end of the bracket supplied with the NAVMAN by pulling off the flexible connector.


3. Secure the NAVMAN to the DashMount bracket using a suitably sized bolt about 25" long. The hole in the DashMount will need enlarging with a small file.


4. Before securing, mount the new bracket assembly in the car, along with the IPAQ. This is to ensure that it is clearly visible and does not cause any obstructions. Sun light seemed to be my biggest problem and was solved by filing the end of the NAVMAN bracket at an angle.


5. Finally secure the NAVMAN & DashMount as above but add adhesive so that it doesn't come loose whilst driving.






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