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RoadWired Pod

25th June 2003

 Review by Dave Burrows


I've always been a gadget master, and because of this I've always received lots of comments about the gadgets I carry around with me on a day to day basis, some people have even thought I need to where a Batman style utility belt to hold all my accessories.  Due to this, I go through countless accessory bags, whether it's a camera bag, a PDA case, or camcorder bags, I can never find one that will fit my current day to day requirements.....Until Now!


I've been using the Pod for a couple of months now and I'm really impressed with it.  It really has adapted to my daily needs.  I've heard some people call it a man purse, or an oversized bag, but for me it's just right.  RoadWired gear are made to last, like LowePro camera bags.  Everything about the Pod spells quality.  The thing I absolutely love about the Pod is the array of pockets, in-fact I can cram so much into the Pod, I really do forget in which pocket I've put which cable.


The RoadWired Pod comes with an over the shoulder harness that clips onto the two side rings above each of the side pockets (pictured above).  You also have the ability to feed a belt through the Pod allowing you to keep it on a waist belt (although I think with the gear I store in there, I probably would find my trousers disappearing beneath me).


Bearing in mind that I like to carry a lot of GPS gear around, I usually take with me two iPAQ's, a Pretec Compact Flash GPS Receiver, a Bluetooth GPS Receiver, some spare batteries, a battery charger and lots of cables to connect the iPAQ's up to various GPS Receivers, oh and batteries!   With this in mind, the Pod has a tough call to fulfil one that nearly every bag has failed to live up to, the Pod does very well.


Open up the Pod's front, left and right pockets and top lid to see an array of accessories I carry with me.  According to RoadWired there are no less than 20 compartments/pockets concealed in the pod, I keep losing count though!


As you can see from the above photo's, there's a lot crammed into this bag. 


If you take a look at the photo below, the Pod has a large square protected center compartment, the only thing is it's two big to put two Pocket PC's although it will fit a compact/digital camera.  RoadWired thought about this, and included a velcro divider, if you fold this strategically you can create two sections, enough to squeeze two iPAQ's in and not have to scratch the screen of the one behind.  In the lid of the case you can see a screen pouch which is good for holding business cards or other important information and behind this a secret pocket.



Even with the Pod opened as in the photo above, you do wonder how much you can really store.  Well here's an inventory list (top to bottom):-


Top Row TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver, Socket Bluetooth GPS Receiver


Second Row PC-Mobile Battery Charger, Compaq iPAQ 3870, Compaq iPAQ 3850, Pretec Compact Flash GPS Receiver, Active Antenna, Battery Operated Re-Rad Antenna


Third Row Garmin R-Type to iPAQ lead, Magellan to iPAQ lead, 128mb SD card, 128mb SD card, USB Charger Cable, 2x GPS Splitters


Fourth Row Magellan cable, Garmin E-Type to iPAQ lead, 4xAA Batteries, 2x GPS Splitters



The features of the Pod are very impressive! 

  • Over 20 pockets and compartments

  • Fully padded main compartment to protect the most expensive of gadgets

  • Unique "winged" outer pockets

  • Side walls are reinforced with lightweight polyethylene sheets sewn into the linings

  • Dual-height loops on back panel allows the Pod to be warn as a waist pack

  • Removable shoulder strap

  • Exclusive hide and go secret pocket


The Specs are also pretty good.

  • 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon with neoprene accent/protection panel outside.  Scratch free interior lined with smooth nylon pack cloth.  All materials are water-repellent.

  • Heavy duty webbing is installed, composite quick release closure, metal no-twist shoulder strap fasteners, self repairing zippers.

  • Comes in 6 Colours (titanium/black, navy/black, yellow/black, olive/black, black/black, red/black)

Size and Weight

  • 7" Long, 6.5" Height, 5" Depth

  • Weight 13 oz




The RoadWired Pod for me is at the moment the only bag that fulfils my every needs.  Although it isn't waterproof, it is water repellent (the next best thing).  If you have lots of gadgets you like to take out with you or keep in a single place, then the Pod really is the bag for you. 


The Pod pictured in this review was the navy/black. 


If however, you really do need more space, then RoadWired have just recently released a new bag. 


It's the Podzilla!!! 



Manufacturers Website http://www.roadwired.com
Pocket GPS Reviewer Dave Burrows
Pocket GPS Reviewer Website http://www.daveburrows.com
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