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pocket loox 600 and gps

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 12:11 am    Post subject: pocket loox 600 and gps Reply with quote

Dear All

I have a Pocket Loox 600 (just over a year old) and want to start using some kind of GPS system that will allow me to travel around UK (with the option of expanding to other countries later on) using 2d and 3d maps. I would also like voice commands. I have been reading the forums with interest, and have picked up that many of the systems seem to crash quite a lot - and as I am the unluckiest person going when it comes to computers and them crashing, I would like one that is as reliable as possible.

It would be nice to be able to pick addresses from contacts list / manual postcode / address entries etc.

I would also like the option of being able to use the system while walking around an area as well as in a car, although the car use is more important.

It is also important to have a good mount and the ability to charge the PDA and GPS receiver together or seperately.

One final thing to add to this rather long list is that I would also like to use the PDA as a phone, and have been informed that I can do this, however, it also requires the use of the CF slot on top.

Can I use an adapter so I can use both at the same time.

What overall package / combination would best suit my needs.

What size SD card do you recommend for the storage of maps and software.

Any upgrades / patches I need.

Thanks all, I look forward to receiving any advice you have to offer.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 2:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


you already know that you are in a small world using the loox, but it works for me so i'll let you know what i've got.

I have a loox 600 and I have used the latest flash upgrade from FJ-Siemens. I have TomTom3 and a tomtom mount along with a tomtom wired GPS receiver.

Maps live on a 256Mb sd card in the side slot (there seem to be problems with CF - more later). I have the UK and europe major roads on my card along with checkpoint and the very good speed camera database.

Colleagues have gone for a CF based GPS receiver (not sure which one) but it works for all of them (funny the GPS card works, but CF storage doesn't!) We all have TT3 and TomTom cradles.

They use them to walk around but beware of shortened battery life. The TomTom cradle charges the PDA and powers (in my case) the GPS receiver in the car.

The loox is idiosyncratic (a euphemism) but works well - once going. My only advice is don't rush it. However, route calculation (and re-calculation) is quick. If you want to change a destination it seems best to stop the first route, close and restart the application then make the change.

This sounds difficult but actually it is quick, the TT3 menus and stuff is real easy.

I had to make one support 'call' to TomTom in a year and they solved things same day.

As for using the Loox as a phone - i wouldn't. I have no reason to say this beyond the ergonomics would be appalling. I have a nokia 6310 and the loox - they bluetooth fine, but i'm happy to keep them separate.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes, Steve
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