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Morpheous Geodesy Review

4th April 2003

 Review by Dave Burrows


The Geodesy was one of the earlier GPS Speed Detection System (SDS) units available in the UK market.  Due to this, it's one of the more popular units available, partly due to it's size, database and cost.


It is about the size of a standard Radar Detector but has a GPS receiver built in with memory to store the Morpheous database of Speed Camera Locations.


Over 1 million UK motorists are convicted of speed related incidents every year, and this is set to increase by a factor of 5 if the government gets it's way using some of the latest Truvelo and SPECS digital camera systems on UK roads.




The Geodesy is small and compact, but has great potential.  Most of the time the Geodesy just sits there on the dashboard with a blue led to show that it has a satellite fix, but isn't detecting any cameras in the vicinity.  You will see on the left two LED's, one above the other.  The bottom one shows if you don't have a fix (in red) and the top one shows blue if you have a fix and the Geodesy is in detection mode.


You will also see a range of 10 LED's to the right.  These light up red and give you a visual notification on how close you are to a camera.  You will also see a brass coloured button to the right.  This is the report button to allow you to record new camera locations.  The Geodesy when plugged into the car accessory socket powers up automatically and takes around a minute to obtain it's first fix with it's

built in GPS Receiver.  The picture to the right shows the Geodesy in it's docking case that is used in-car.  The dome (top central) is where the GPS Receiver antenna is located.  Once you have a fix and start driving towards a camera the Geodesy will start showing red LED's.  Geodesy has a feature called first beep, this alerts the driver to the fact they are coming up to a camera, this is purely to alert the driver that they are getting close to a camera. Before they start to have a full warning.  The closer you get, the more red lights that show.  If you are still over the speed limit the Geodesy will continuously sound an audible alert (beep) to continuously warn you of the impending danger.


Geodesy Features

The Geodesy is a good all-round GPS Speed Camera Detection System (SDS) and contains the following features:-

  • Audible and Visual Warning (adjustable)

  • 100% portable allowing you to move it between vehicles quickly

  • Fully Automated, no need to do anything whilst driving allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel

  • Geodesy is compatible with cars and motorbikes

  • Geodesy is completely upgradeable with new camera locations using the supplied modem cradle which you connect to your phone socket

  • No false alarms

  • Water, shock and vibration resistant

  • Warning range 1 mile (adjustable)

  • Speed sensitivity with the use of GPS technology so you're only notified audibly if you are travelling over the speed limit.

  • Auto ranging


Geodesy Design

The Geodesy design is modular.  At the back of the Geodesy you have some round contacts.  The Geodesy has been designed to be waterproof so the Geodesy has to slide into a sheath (outer casing) which also gives a good clean contact between the Geodesy contacts to allow it to receive power or to update the Geodesy in the desktop cradle.


The Geodesy can be unclipped from this docking case that sits on the dashboard quite quickly and easily.  This allows you to secure the outer casing to the car dashboard permanently or to a motorcycle and enable you to take the Geodesy with you without having to untangle any wires. 


The Geodesy also comes fitted with some power clips and velcro strips to allow for easy but secure mounting to a dashboard.


You'll see from the photo on the right, the rear of the Geodesy has various round holes on the rear of the receiver.  This is where the contact plates are held, and you'll have some connectors in the outer casing where these connect into these Geodesy connectors.  The power cable on the docking case isn't removable.


Updating And Database Information
The Geodesy database contains free updates included for the first 12 months after which the charge is 50 inc VAT a year.  A Benelux database for users who are travelling through Benelux countries is also available for 58.74 inc VAT.  The database is updated at least once a week and covers England, Scotland and Wales with the following data:
  • Speed Cameras
  • Common 'Hand Held' Camera Sites - UK

Updating the Geodesy is fairly simple, all you need to do is plug it into the desktop cradle, connect the supplied phone lead.  One end plugs into the back of this cradle and the other end into your phone socket, plug the supplied AC adapter in and it will start connecting to Morpheous and updating the database giving you visual indication from the LED's to tell you if it's updating.


All of this equipment comes standard with the Geodesy.  The only issue I found is that the manual states "phone line must be analogue no connection is possible on digital or BT Highway lines".  This also includes ADSL.  I tried this on 3 ADSL lines and each one failed to connect, but

connecting the Geodesy to an analogue phone line succeeded.  Unfortunately there is no way to update the Geodesy across the internet like the new big brother Road Pilot, so if you only have an ADSL line and not an analogue phone line you will not be able to update the Geodesy!


Key Features of the Geodesy

  • adjustable visual and audio warnings

  • adjustable warning range up to 1 mile

  • suitable for cars, bikes, vans and trucks

  • shock, vibration and weather resistant

  • easy to install (plug and play)

  • easy to use

  • easy to update with new locations around the country

  • 100% accurate

  • 100% satisfaction or your money back




The Geodesy is small, and non-intrusive when alerting you to Speed Cameras when driving under the speed limit and is certainly worth the money it sells for.  The Geodesy feels and looks very robust, the only enhancement I would suggest is that it's given a USB connection like the Road Pilot allowing you to update it over the internet.  Using a dial-up modem is for most is a thing of the past.



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