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Brodit HP iPAQ hx4700 "pass-through" mount review 17th February 2005

Brodit pda mountsReview by Mike Barrett


Brodit have recently released the amplified mount which we reviewed here. At about the same time they also released a range of holders quote "with built in connector. Fits all cables.".


At the time this went straight over my head. It wasn't until later that I realised what this meant. The connector just passes all the power and data connections from the plug which inserts into the PDA down to a socket which accepts a standard iPAQ connector.

Well here we are I now have the new iPAQ hx4700 and nothing to mount it in my car other than a generic one so I thought it was an ideal time to review one of these pass through Brodit holders.


What do you get?

The mount comes in two pieces: the mount itself and a tilt/swivel base. You will also get a number of self tapping screws to fit the mount to the base.


What else do you need?

To complete the mount you will need to invest in a ProClip.


You do not get a ProClip by default, this has to be ordered separately to suit your car make and year. Selecting the correct clip can be problematical and has caused angst with quite a few users in the past. If you are a little uncertain about the clip you require please confirm the precise one with your supplier when you order.


The other thing you will need is some form of power supply to connect the PDA to the power supply and possibly the GPS. This will normally be provided with your GPS or a cigarette lighter power adapter, which will simply plug into the socket at the bottom of the mount.


Fitting the Mount

Fitting the mount is simple. All you need is a crosshead screwdriver and a fine drill. The drill is not strictly required, but will help to locate the screws.


It is best to mount the tilt/swivel base on the Proclip first, and then screw the mount on to the base. The assembled mount can then be clipped onto the car in the correct position.


Behind the PDA you will find three screws. The top and bottom ones are the mount fixing screws. The centre one adjusts the tension of the tilt/swivel movement. Tightening it will increase the friction and make the mount more difficult to move.

Brodit pda mounts

Brodit pda mounts

The Brodit mount in use.

I like the general range of mounts supplied by Brodit. I have used this one with my Ford Probe, Chrysler Voyager, and (with a bit of mount modification) a Mustang Coupe in America.


The big and I do mean big feature of this mount is the pass through connector. This has meant that I can use my TomTom cabled GPS (which is hard-wired) in my Voyager, the Parrot 3300 GPS in the Probe, and either a GlobalSat BC305 or just an iPAQ power cable with bluetooth GPS in the rental cars. This really does give me flexibility.


As far as the PDA holder is concerned the 4700 fits in it perfectly. There is none of the movement I have seen in some other mounts. Despite this the PDA is not difficult to insert and remove.


Whilst in use I found it best to remove the supplied screen cover as this tended to flap about and close.


Brodit pda mounts

Issues and Problems

Whilst I was testing I didn't encounter any problems at all with the mount at all. My only regret is that I didnt request a 4700 mount with amplified speaker and pass-through connector. Still you cannot have everything can you?



This must rate as the best mount I have tested to date. It may be pipped by the amplified one with the pass-through connector, but either way it is difficult to see how it can be improved on.


  • Quality construction
  • Perfect fit
  • Solid mounting system


  • None



Manufacturers Website www.brodit.com
Pocket GPS Contributor

Mike Barrett

Pocket GPS Contributor Website




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