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Having TTFF Problems ?

18th August 2002 

If you're having TTFF problems, or you are finding that the GPS unit intermittently will not get a fix but can see satellites, then you might want to try some of the following.


I'm having fix problems with TomTom Navigator or my Navman GPS Sleeve

I can't get a fix most of the time, is my unit defective ?

Perhaps, but perform several simple tests.


1) Make sure eject the sleeve or card, power the Pocket PC off, insert the sleeve or card and power on the Pocket PC.  Now perform a soft reset.  Wait for approx 30 secs for your Pocket PC to stop loading all it's startup programs and let it settle down.  Now load the GPS Software, Power on the GPS device (if there's a software power button), and now wait.   You should find this is a better way of cutting down the TTFF time.


2) Make sure you are outside, and not hindered by the car roof or windows, and that you are not near a tall building or tree.  Once you've obtained your First Fix, take your GPS unit into the car and you should have a better fix in starting your journey.  If you start losing fix since you've entered your vehicle, it could be that you have a coated windscreen, or there is electrical interference, and may require an external GPS antenna.



Still got problems ?

You may infact have a defective unit.  If you are in a position of hard resetting and reinstalling your applications on your Pocket PC, certainly try this as you could have some software or drivers installed that are interfering.  Failing this, contact the company you purchased the unit from, or the hardware manufacturer and request a replacement if the unit is still under warranty.


Comments ?

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