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Homebuilt Transparent iPAQ Mount

03rd June 2003

 Article by Menno de Gans


After searching for some time to find the perfect solution as a car mount the obvious mount should be the Destinator/Brodit car mount.  But unsatisfied with price I'd decided to try and build one myself.


It should be transparent, GPS/Power connected when the IPAQ inserted and no damage to my car.


Ok the material, polyester.  It is great stuff, you can find it in a hobby store, I already did have some for my scale airplanes.  It can be bend when heated to 150 degrees.


With a dremel (multi purpose tool) you can round the corners and when some heat is applied the raw corners became soft and the rough edged disappear.


After making a balsa model of the IPAQ the polyester is heated in a hot air oven and simply bent around the model.

In the first version the cable is visible but on the second version I used blank wires that are somewhat melted into the polyester.



In this close-up you can see 4 thin wires that are melted into the polyester.  The car mount is attached to the dashboard without any permanent connection, the top is bent into a 90 degree shape that slides between the vent and the dashboard. At the bottom a screw pushes a double plate and the attachment is made.

It is firm and shockproof without any damaging evidence to the car.



Materials used

  • 2 mm Transparent polyester

  • A 38xx/39xx IPAQ connector

  • A 'pyro pen' for heating

  • A 20 ohm resistor for current limiting (250mA)


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