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TomTom Car Kit Customisation 30th December 2003

Review by Marshall Payne


As the speaker on 221x unit's is on the rear, sound output is muffled when in the TomTom Car Kit so I decided to make some modifications. I placed the 2210 in the cradle and marked it's outline on the back of the Pocket PC with a pencil. I then withdrew the Pocket PC a little and marked the center line of the speaker onto the cradle. I then measured the distance between the line I drew earlier on the Pocket PC and the center of the speaker.


I transferred this measurement to the center line marked on the cradle, the speaker is about 8mm square so marked off 4mm each side of the center line on the cradle and transferred the measurement between the first curved line and the center of the speaker.


I now had the outline square of the speaker marked on the cradle. Using a very small drill I made a hole in center of the marked outline. A protruding piece of cradle will not permit drilling of all the marked square around the speaker, but sufficient material can be removed (about 75%) to make a big difference in sound quality.


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