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TheClip.com Vent Mount

18th  March 2003

 Review by Dave Burrows


After initially testing the CoPilot vent mount, I've been on the search for the same or similar type vent mount as the one supplied with Pocket CoPilot is not only secure, but quick and easy to install and de-install.


Low and behold, TheClip.com has what's called The Vent Mount, and this is absolutely identical to the one supplied in the CoPilot package, so if any CoPilot or Compaq iNS users want a spare one, you can order it direct from TheClip.com at the low price of $8.99.  For UK purchasers you can purchase two of these and not have to pay for customs import duty due to them being under the Customs price threshold of charging which is currently set at 20.


Although this looks very small, and really doesn't look like it will take the weight of the Pocket PC, it's as strong as an ox! Once in place, not only will it hold your Pocket PC strong, but it will also cushion vibration and there's no drilling or damaging of the dashboard.


The vent clip has a little holster like hole where the button rests.  On the button you'll see a 3M sticky pad.  This needs to be stuck to the back of your Pocket PC or iPAQ sleeve.  Once on, you won't get it off easily as the 3M pads have like a superglue formula and are usually in place for a very long time.


The best thing about TheClip's Vent Mount is that it will work not only with ANY Pocket PC, but it will work with Mobile Phones, MP3 players and other gadgets you like to have in front of you in-car.  The design of this is magic, and on the front of the vent mount they've even put a padded bumper at the bottom so if the unit does move with car vibration, you're not going to get any unsightly scratches appear on your device!



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