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The portable GPS Stylus

27th August 2002  

 Article by Dave Burrows



For ages I've had problems controlling my Pocket PC whilst driving.  Shhhh, I know!  You're not supposed to operate it whilst driving, and most GPS software also tells you that.  In some, probably most countries it can be deemed illegal, but come on.  If you're travelling and you need to scroll the map a little, what are you going to do ?  Pull over and stop the car ?  I very much doubt it.


As I was saying, I've had great difficulty in the past, because as soon as you go over a bump, your hand moves and if you're unlucky, the stylus goes flying out of your hands and then lands somewhere in the drivers foot well, leaving you without a stylus.  Gone are the days that this happens to me, thankfully to Stinger.


What's a Stinger ?  It's a finger stylus, and probably got it's name from looking like a stinger from a bee or wasp when it's attached to your finger tip.  I've tried various different styles of finger stylus, and they've all been immensely uncomfortable, or they've been so slack that they just fall off your finger.


The great thing about the stinger is it's made of flexi plastic, it has a belt, like what you'd get on your trousers, it's a plastic wrap around with holes punched in it, and like you would do with a normal belt, you have a stud which pushes through the hole and keeps it sturdy.  The reason why the finger stylus is so comfortable is because it is moulded to a finger, and has 12 holes in the belt which enables virtually any size of finger to fit snugly into the stinger and stays sturdy on your finger with two studs.


The Stinger comes in packs of 3 and comes in 3 different styles of colour packs.  Metallic, Grey, Colour.  Each pack has 3 varying shades, where as the colour comes in Blue, Yellow and Red.

One thing I like about the stinger is the cost, at 7.89 for 3 ($4.95), it doesn't really break the bank.  That's 2.63 ($1.65) per stylus!  Try and get one replacement stylus for what it would cost for the pack of 3 Stingers!


The great thing about the Stinger is it's so small, so you can store it virtually anywhere.  The only real downside is because they're so small, I lost 3 of mine, so I immediately ordered another 2 packs of Stingers when they were back in stock, and haven't lost them since!


It will take a little while to get used to the stinger, but once you're competent at poking at things, then you'll feel at home with it, just be very careful as on numerous occasions I've forgot I was wearing one and went to get a piece of grit out of my eye, and just saw the Stinger on the tip of my finger in time.  You have to be practical when using the Stinger, but it's always good to have one or two in your PDA case or pocket just in case the need arises, and they're invaluable for controlling your Pocket PC when in the car.

Hey and if you want to give the perfect corporate gift, and are a little cheap, then if you order the Stinger direct from Orbit Industries, they'll let you customise it with your own corporate logo.  Now how's that sound ?








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