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Steve Warren's and Lars-Erik Lundin's In-Car Photos

24th February 2003

 Article by Dave Burrows


Steve Warren's In-Car Photos

We've been receiving quite a few in-car photo shots lately, and I thought I'd share these with you.


The first photo is from Steve Warren over at the UK Speed Traps website.


This shows both a Compaq iNS (iPAQ Navigation System) installed in-car, and also shows you a Geodesy Road Pilot just below the drivers rear view mirror.


It seems most people are preferring to position their GPS systems on or near the center console, partly because it's accessible to both driver and front passengers, but it also distracts thief's when you're stationary at traffic lights. 


I have received numerous reports lately where thief's have been waiting at traffic lights, or in car parks, and will smash the drivers side window (sometimes when the driver is sitting in the drivers seat), and will pull out a Pocket PC or mobile phone that is positioned near the window.


Mounting the Pocket PC GPS system in the center of the car helps get around this problem, and also does give you less glare most of the time on the Compaq iPAQ screen.


Even though I am right handed, and tend to prefer to have the Pocket PC on the right hand side of the steering wheel, I find it more natural to look up and look at the screen on the left hand side of the steering wheel.  I'm not really sure why, but I tend to find it more at home in the center of the car.




Lars-Erik Lundin's In-Car Photos

The photos to the left show how Lars has installed his Navman sleeve in-car.


Lar's has decided to go all the way and create a very tidy setup, using a Brodit mount in his Audi A3 which fits nicely along the center column and allows to have the mount slightly angled towards the driver.


He's hard-wired the cigarette socket by putting the cable through the interior of the car's facia and also placed a re-rad antenna on the back parcel shelf which is also neatly wired into the inside channels within the car concealing all plugs and cables.


This must be one of the neatest installations that I've seen so far!


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