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NavPad for Handheld GPS or PDA's


Price $49.95


We've just been received news on a product called NavPAD.  This product is primarily for use in aircrafts, helicopters and ultralignts, which we have none of, but I must confess, I want one of these!  It's a perfect place to store a PDA, it's a harness that straps to your leg. 


The design is a basic one with a triangular style mount that arcs to fit the contour of your leg and holds the PDA at a near 45 degree angle.  You place the mount on your leg and then use the supplied Velcro heavy duty strap to anchor the PDA to your leg.


Now this mount is probably best used in aircrafts where there may not be locations in the cockpit to to place a PDA like you necessarily would in car, but just think about the potential of using this in your car too ?  The PDA is close to you, it's shielded by the direct sunlight that shines through your windows giving you a brighter display on your Pocket PC, and it's at such an angle that you should still receive a GPS fix.


A plain, but great design, Pocket GPS will certainly give it a thumbs up!


NavPad is available from Diblasi at $49.95.



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