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Navman GPS 3400 Product Update

06th September 2002

Article by Duncan Hill


We raised some questions with Navman UK about the new Navman GPS 3400 and also the SmartST Pro software that will be released with the GPS 3400 Receiver and received the following responses back.


Q. Will the upgrade be available to existing users on the release date, if so what will be the cost?


A. The upgrade will be available at the same time. It will cost 139 UKP for existing Navman owners.






Q. What are the sizes of the maps, will the whole of the UK fit onto a single 128Mb memory card?


A. The whole of the UK is approximately 96 Mb






Q. Door to Door is mentioned what does this mean, will the product support postcodes similar to the Compaq solution?


A. This means that we have house number detail, not postcode. Postcode is only of use in the UK, and as we are shipping a Pan European product, would complicate the database (in Europe, a postcode will be the same for a whole city). It would also unnecessarily inflate the database, making the map size considerably larger.






Q. How will map up dates be handled, will there be a small charge if so how much will this be?


A. Map updates will be released every year, possibly every 6 months. There will be a charge for these updates (this has not been set as yet), as the new map data is not free from NavTech.






Q. Can you add your own POI, this would be ideal for adding such things a Speed Cameras, Camp Sites etc?


A. You can add favourites (waypoints)






Q. Are there any planned reviews prior to release in any of the computer magazines?


A. There have been a number of articles in various newspapers (Times, Mirror etc.), but no reviews as yet, as we don't have the product to give to the magazines for review until the product is released. There will be a large number of reviews in the near future (after release) however








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