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Navgps for the Pocket PC

22nd August 2002


Price $  99.00 - Navgps Basic

Price $174.00 - Navgps Pro


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Navgps Basic is the entry level product and provides all basic aviation navigational functionality.

Designed from the ground-up by a pilot and with input from other professional pilots. It's been on the market for over a year and it's user-interface and features have repeatedly been improved through actual flight experience.


All you need is a handheld GPS that outputs NMEA data, a cable to connect the two and you're set. Some users have connected their in-panel b/w GPS unit to their PDA. Most in-panel GPS receivers will output the required data.


Some of Navgps Basic's major features are:

  • world-wide aviation database. Navgps provides free data that contains airport, airport-info, navaids and fixes.

  • current aviation database can be purchased - they contain airspace data. All warning, class-b/c/d, sua, warning and prohibited areas are displayed along with frequencies of the controlling authority.

  • configurable color schemes.

  • can create your own text-based databases - add your own airport/fixes.

  • configurable hardware-buttons {PocketPC}

The Pro version of Navgps contains all the features of Navgps Basic, plus:

  • Vector-based topographical data for the entire world. Some of the included elements are coastlines, political boundaries, rivers, lakes, populated areas, roads and rail-roads.

  • The internal display engine of Pro version has been optimized for display speed. For example, despite displaying the topographical data - it's still faster than the Basic display.

  • Flight-planning using airways is included in this version. For example, you can enter your flight-plan as cleared by ATC - and Navgps Pro will create the complete route for you. Requires current Av-Database.

  • Larger "keyboard" for entering routes.

  • Create user-fixes interactively by clicking on map.

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