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Some opinions!

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:36 pm    Post subject: Some opinions! Reply with quote


Used my new TT 520 this week doing a tad over 500 miles... Feel I've used it enough now, in addition to some quick testing I did prior to this to give a few opinions, both on the TomTom, TomTom PC software, traffic module and PocketGPSWorld camera database. Would be interesting to hear your views.


Excellent. Yeilds great value for money and has many many features. The only thing I can fault the unit with is poor mapping - During my trip it twice tried to take me down roads that did not exist. This is using 810 maps. I do not mind this particularly, considering the TomTom is an assistance and not being used to over-ride human logic... But it has certainly made me confident that I would not pay for maps in future (Some info is very outdated... And if the 810 still hasn't fixed things then what else will others not fix, when I'm paying for it). The TomTom is far more accurate (Though not 100%) with road speeds, in my experience compared to Navigons and Navmans.

Only real hardware problem that I've found is that device tends to emit a "clicking" noise after extended use. I've asked for advice on this seperately (Or will do in a moment!) so can not comment on this too much as it may well be my error.

Supplied accessories are good. I'd heard bad things about the windscreen mount, basic as it is it works perfectly.

TomTom PC Software

Does the necessary but not very intuitively in my experience. I much preferred the more basic Navigon software to the TomTom package, though I must say the idea of the device being seen as a removal device and allowing the installation of HOME if it is not already installed is a marvel (Sure its only a basic downloader, but very very useful if quickly having to update on a second machine, etc).


I'd heard a lot of bad about this but I was impressed. It constantly advised me of the road conditions and offered me the chance to avoid any problems... I'm not sure if my route was particularly better than average for signal (Midlands to Norfolk) but the systems seemed to update regularly. It missed several jams I found myselfs getting into, but also pointed out many too... Alot of info was outdated but again used as a tool rather than a reliance it did a good job. Certainly, I'd use it again.


I was dubious about spending 19 on the camera database but it's been the best money I've spent in a long time... Before my last trip I was a naturally worried driver when it came to cameras and would really drop my speed near them (And as I never speed anyway this meant doing a good 5 - 10 mph under the limit by them). This causes other drivers frustration, I'm aware, but I had to do it for my own piece of mind. With the PocketGPSWorld database I felt in total control, knowing exactly where cameras were (And in the case of portable, where they "may" be...) and using the more accurate speedo on the satnav felt confident in driving in a much more fluid fashion past cameras. I did get many "false" alerts with cameras off of my route, but I was aware of this when setting the device up and never found them off putting. Since owning the device I have found now two areas where the PocketGPSWorld database was missing (Both portable). I intend to report one of them (I am familiar with the area) but the second I'd be unable to relocate and hence can do nothing about. I'm sure that with this kind of attitude members can really make sure that all cameras are covered.

I'm sorry if this is very disjointed. After all of the help I've received on this forum I wanted to give some feedback rather than lurking in the shadows once again... I've only just got back from my trip so may tidy or edit this at a later date, but for now I can certainly summarise in saying that my old thought that a decent satnav was not affordable for the casual driver is certainly wrong. I feel I've got a satnav very highly specced for my needs at a reasonable price, and can only thank everybody who has helped in my choosing of the device (And in installing the PGPSW database)... You've been great!

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 1:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great post too!

Nice to hear some positive views once in a while.

I'm very chuffed tonight because I've just managed to pair my Go720 to my new Sony Bluetooth car radio (no thanks to TT though - needed a patch)
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Posted: Today    Post subject: Pocket GPS Advertising

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