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Destinator 7 for PDA Launched

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Pocket GPS Staff
Pocket GPS Staff

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:58 am    Post subject: Destinator 7 for PDA Launched Reply with quote

pocketgpsworld.comDestinator Technologies yesterday announced the launch of their Destinator 7 PDA product. Destinator was one of the first mainstream navigation solutions and can be found on a vast range of OEM devices.

Available in 26 languages, it has a number of new features including an improved fresh look plus core improvements in the routing and direction finding engine. It also has more scope for user interface customisation, text to speech, more comprehensive POIs plus TMC support.

We will of course be reviewing the full package in due course. The full announcement is quoted below:


Destinator 7 for your PDA is here.

Destinator Technologies launches new version of its award-winning navigation software
  • Improved user experience
  • Advanced Text-To-Speech
  • Faster improved routing and up-to-date maps
  • Broader range of compatible hardware
  • Premium TMC Coverage with no monthly fees or yearly subscription

Munich, 15th November 2007

Destinator Technologies today announces the launch of Destinator 7, the latest version of its award-winning mobile navigation software, with a range of exciting and innovative new features to transform your PDA into a full satellite navigation solution.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of PDA users, Destinator 7 delivers new levels of performance in four key areas:

Faster, easier routing – wherever you go
Destinator has made a number of improvements to its core routing engine already regarded as industry-leading for its speed, accuracy and ease of use. This fundamental element of the navigation experience has undergone a major overhaul to improve route finding to an unmatchable level.

Improved User Interface and experience – clearer, easier, more accessible
Version 7 of Destinator’s award winning satellite navigation software has a new distinctive user interface and offers several improvements based on the company’s high-performance routing engine. This delivers faster map rendering, improved GPS performance and map panning to provide complete and seamless continuity.

Destinator 7’s release coincides with the availability of the latest maps from Navteq and TeleAtlas, giving the industry’s largest territory coverage (and in 25 languages).

A new approach to the use of POIs (points of interest) has been developed to include a wider search facility – now by name and area – plus a ‘high level POI’ search facility, allowing users to quickly access frequently searched categories. There is also a “Dial a POI” feature, whereby users can call their chosen destination direct from the Navigation software at the touch of an on-screen button when used in conjunction with a connected PDA.

Destinator 7 also includes a full “text to speech” function which rapidly processes routing information and provides timely, clear, natural-sounding audio directions, even down to street name level. Other new features include a compass module.

Keeping traffic moving – improved TMC and detour routing

Keeping motorists on the move is key for any navigation system – and Destinator 7 has been developed to meet the challenge.

Destinator 7 supports the ever-growing geographic range of Premium TMC (Traffic Message Channel) services. This will enable V7 users to access; RAC Trafficmaster’s unrivalled up-to-the minute traffic information collated from over 7,500 roadside sensors which calculate the speed of traffic on the UK’s motorway and trunk road network; plus incident information from police forces and local authorities that is collated by the RAC to warn drivers of road closures and road works. The TMC service is displayed as icons on detailed mapping and will automatically guide you around traffic jams.

Improved detour routing is also a key Destinator 7 feature – warning drivers of congestion ahead and suggesting multiple alternative routes as well as avoidance of gated communities, ferries and self-selected ‘roads to avoid’.

Destinator Technologies VP of Product Management and Marketing John Craig said: “Drivers want fast seamless navigation with the richest most relevant information delivered to them when they want it. We’ve developed Destinator 7 with this in mind – improving our routing engine, extending and enhancing our POI portfolio and usability, plus advanced TMC services that will provide drivers with safer, easier travel.”

Destinator 7 builds on the company’s reputation for its powerful routing engine, ease of use, quality mapping, reliability and speed of response – features which have made Destinator software the most popular choice for personal navigation device manufacturers worldwide.

Additional Information:
Destinator 7 = £76.99 Inc VAT
Destinator 7 and Traffic SAM = £115.99 Inc VAT

Destinator 7 is available in 25 languages and will be backed by Destinator’s global customer support network. Destinator software is compatible with a vast number of different platforms thanks to its flexible architecture which include, amongst others, Windows, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux.

About Destinator Technologies

Destinator Technologies makes navigation easier for mobile people. The company develops navigation solutions for use on mobile devices such as dedicated navigation devices, mobile phones and PDA’s. Important information in terms of location and destination is now available anytime, anywhere to suit the individual requirements of any user. Destinator Technologies cooperates with leading OEMs, hardware manufacturers and wireless vendors. Its highly customizable software makes it the partner of choice of many leading brands in the navigation market. Initially founded in 2003, Destinator Technologies is among the top software vendors on the global navigation market. The company has offices in USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Taiwan and China.

For further information, please visit www.destinatortechnologies.com

Darren Griffin - Editor
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mini Review - first impressions D7 with TrafficSAM

I have it - so far , I'm reasonably pleased with it (bought it in Germany, so have had a couple of weeks to play). It's a significant improvement over D6, but still uses rather outdated graphical rendering. Stability wise, no issues as yet. I have run it on a Dell x51v (128mB RAM upgrade) and a standard hx4700.

That said, there is no lag between the actual and displayed GPS position, it's just the map rendering is not as fast as Tomtom, Route 66 or Igo. 3D Map rendering is about as fast as MN|6 and curiously gets faster after a few minutes on the road. Button clicking response is okay and certainly better than MN|6 in that respect. It actually beats Tomtom in some ways on 2D map browsing; drag the map and the 'new' area you have dragged in is displayed immediately - with Tomtom, you have to wait for the map to redraw after releasing your finger.

The Text to Speech (TTS) is excellent. I like the detailed information you can hear rather than needing to look at the map for directions. I have found a few foibles with it though. Welsh and non-standard pronunciation gives some quite 'unusual' speech! Also, if a major road has a local non-numeric name, it will say that rather than the numeric name. For example, I would prefer it if it would say 'Enter A1234' rather than 'Enter London Road' as most road signs use the numeric name. Long numerical names (e.g. A1234) are said as 'Ay-One-Thousand-Two-Hundred-and-thirty-four' - I would prefer 'Ay-One-Two-Three-Four' - it's quicker!. Fortunately I have found a tweak to fix this problem! (PM me if you would like to know how).

The 'Click' sound when pressing buttons is very annoying and cannot (obviously) be turned off. You can delete the click.wav file it installs and this will remove that annoyance - shame it isn't in the options!

Route planning seems fast enough and reliable - although the paradigm for planning a route used in D6 and D7 is different to say, Tomtom. Users of other products might find this takes a little getting used to. The re-routing with TrafficSAM (TMC TrafficMaster information, in the UK) has worked very well when driving in London.

My major annoyance is lack of native support for VGA devices (they display in QVGA on these devices, so don't look as nice as they should). I have discovered some good VGA skins for D7 that get around this problem, but it would have been nice for Destinator to do this properly. I would also like to see an option to NOT update your PDA clock from the GPS device. D7 always does this and sometimes gets it wrong (daylight savings time seems to be an issue as the time often goes out by an hour).

I don't like the way you have to 'Go to' a Favourite or POI, then not complete the final step of planning the route to edit the POI or Favourite information. This works the same as in D6 Crying or Very sad. This is okay once you know, but highly non-intuitive!

Also, map cutting is no longer a feature (a Navteq licensing issue?) and some users have reported problems converting POI data with the new destinator console.

These are just a few initial thoughts for assimilation...

In summary:

Good Points:

- Better graphical rendering than D6
- New map material (Uses 2006.Q4 Navteq in the UK, so better than the Teleatlas-based apps for the UK in my experience - often more than a year ahead of Teleatlas)
- TrafficSAM works very well

Bad Points:

- A few rough corners that will hopefully be fixed in a future update
- GPS Time update
- No standard VGA support
- 3D map rendering slower than many competitors

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

See this thread for a list of issues by early adopters
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Posted: Today    Post subject: Pocket GPS Advertising

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