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CeBIT 2006 : The World largest technlology expo

CeBIT is over and the team has crawled home. It was an eventful week, with lots of good discussions, and even some new products. The blog will soon be closed. Before we do that each team member will write up what their take-back was from CeBIT - overall impression. biggest GPS related item, biggest non-GPS related item.
Thanks all !


Well March is here again. That means two things: Firstly it is spring time we have seen the worst of the winter and can now look forward to a warm summer. Secondly it is the time of year when anyone who is involved in technology heads to Hannover, Germany for CeBIT.

This year looks like it is going to be slightly different. TomTom have already announced the new GO range of hardware. Navigon have already announced one of the least kept secrets Navigon 6. There are lots of other rumors flying around, we will see which of them are true in the next few days.

As usual PocketGPSWorld.com will be fielding a team for the duration of the Expo. This year we are proud to be exhibiting at the show promoting UK excellence on one of the UK Foreign Office stands.

Created by Mike Barrett on Monday, March 06 @ 13:10:32 UTC

CeBIT conclusion - Lutz

Hmm... looks like everybody is still busy... So I start with my overall impressions from CeBIT.

The buzz words at this year's event were "Fleet Management" and "Soccer". Microsoft also had a nice share of attention with their new hand heating pads.

The biggest surprise in the GPS arena was the hungarian iGO ( www.i-go.com ). Some may remember our report of the Nav n'GO company that has a solid reputation in PDA game programming. Their navigation UI consequently looks like a computer game, and is extremely fast (requires GAPI though). Maps are available for Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania, with others to be expected soon.

The most interesting non GPS item for me was a non-powered screen filter for spatial (3D) viewing. www.spatialview.com - maybe even something for in car navigation. The 3D effect was truly amazing, and can be retrofitted to pretty much any flat screen.

Article by Lutz Bendlin on Wednesday, March 22 @ 04:28:01 UTC

TomTom Text-to-Speech technology revealed

In a press announcement yesterday TomTom have officially mentioned the provider for the TTS functionality on the new G910. It is Loquendo ( www.loquendo.com ), an italian company that is the first company to offer expressive speech, adding emotions to the TS voices. Imagine being guided gently until you miss the turn, and then being shouted at....

Loquendo can use the phonetic data in the TeleAtlas and Navteq maps, and can pronounce street names and city names properly that other systems read verbally. "Leicester Square" is a good example.

TomTom have chosen a high quality version of the engine that occupies quite some disk space - hence the current focus on the GO910.

Article by Lutz Bendlin on Tuesday, March 14 @ 18:44:03 UTC

Destinator to add map ordering site soon

Following up on a question from a forum member who wanted to buy US maps for his Blue Media 6380 (Destinator PN) I spoke to Alexej Gavriline, Channel Sales Manager of Destinator. He mentioned that Destinator have created a page www.destinator-update.de (.com is in preparation too) where you can now select your device (PPC, Smartphone, or PNA) and order additional maps directly. US maps will be on the site in one week from now, and will cost about the same as the Europe map.

Article by Lutz Bendlin on Tuesday, March 14 @ 11:32:24 UTC

TomTom GiveAway GO Cover Packs

TomTom appear to be clearing old inventory at the show. Unlike the normal giveaways, lanyards, keyrings etc, TomTom are giving away piles of GO Covers for the 300,500 and 700. The packs contain three alternate front bezels and speaker covers. At £15.00 value it's a nice gift if you already own a GO!

GO Cover Packs

Article by Darren Griffin on Monday, March 13 @ 13:51:11 UTC

Software version on new TomTom GO devices is 6.000

Not sure if anyone else has reported this yet, but lurking around the TomTom stand I checked the software version that the 510, 710, and 910 are running. It turned out to be 6.000 (6550) - as you may have seen from the pictures the User Interface got a bit more "spherical" with 3D effects on buttons and other screen elements (A questionable "improvement"), and a whole load of functions got added. No word yet from TomTom if/when this version will make it to the older GO's and to the PDA/Smartphone.

TomTom 910

Article by Lutz Bendlin on Monday, March 13 @ 12:23:47 UTC

Globalsat showcase more new products at CeBIT 2006

We saw Globalsat back in Janurary as CES in Las Vegas, they has a number of new products on display there so we were not expecting anything else to be on display at CeBIT. Well we were wrong.

Globalsat were showcasing a new all in one navigator the GV350. This will have a 3.5inch tft screen and a Samsung 266Mhz processor, and 64Mb of memory. There will also be a GV350T. This will have the same specification but will have added RDS/TMC traffic capabilities. The possible software platfoms being considered at the moment are Smart to Go and Gate5. The release of this model to the market is planned for late Q2 or early Q3.

There was also on show a new "pet tracker" again featuring a SiRFStarIII chipset, this device is strapped onto your pet's back.

We also saw the BT-359. This is a new BT GPS featureing the latest single chip SiRFStarIII chipset (not the low power version). Despite not using the lp chipset Globalsat claim over 12 hours battery life. This is expected to be in the shops June/July and will be available in a different styles for OEM models.

The BT-328 is an entry level SiRFStarII single chip BT GPS receiver. SiRFStarII ? Well Globalsat are targetting the entry level bluetooth market. This should be available around april.

Moving away from GPS the were also displaying the Wireless Entertainment systems including a new BA-809 Bluetooth dock for the iPOD. This will allow the iPOD to stream music to a Bluetooth Audio receiver.

Other Globalsat products that we have featured before are GV-201 PND to launched in April or May, the GH-601 to be launched soon (not in the USA) and the TR-101 to be launched in May.

Globalsat also confirmed to me that they would be sending over at least two of their Taiwanese specialists to attend our next PocketGPSWorld.com Expo.

Globalsat showcase new GPS devices
Globalsat showcase new GPS devices

Globalsat GV-350
Globalsat GV-350

Globalsat GV-201
Globalsat GV-201

Globalsat BT-359
Globalsat BT-359

Globalsat BT-359
Globalsat BT-359

Globalsat Pet Tracker
Globalsat Pet Tracker

Article by Mike Barrett on Sunday, March 12 @ 12:22:45 UTC

Globalsat collect IF 2005 Design award at CeBIT

Globalsat won an award in the 2005 IF awards for design excellence. The BR-353 GPS mouse was the winning product.

This is an amazing GPS that I have permanently wired in one of my cars. Not only is it a stunning design but it is also highly functional as well. Based on the SiRFStarIII GPS Chipset it is very sensitive, and a with a magnetic baseplate it can be used both inside and outside your car.

Tony Lee of Globalsat said of the BR-353 "The GPS market is moving towards the consumer and we have great Taiwanese Designers. It is a great honour to receive the IF award showing market recognition to the product. We are successfully representing the ideas and designs from the company."

Globalsat win IF Design award
Globalsat win IF Design award

Globalsat award winning BR-353
Globalsat award winning BR-353

Article by Mike Barrett on Sunday, March 12 @ 12:16:25 UTC

Holux Taiwan showcase new GPS products

Holux showed us some of their products currently in development. Ranging from a pen style Bluetooth GPS, a Bluetooth GPS which plugs into the car power outlet socket, through to an outdoor handheld GPS and finally 2 new PND devices. Also on display was something we are not allowed to talk about yet, and a tracking device which integrates GPS and GSM/GPRS to provide an emergency phone which can allow the owner to be precisely located.

The availability of the new products is expected to be late spring to early summer.

Graham and Julie Moy from Holux UK introduced us to James Hsu (Holux Chairman) and Roy Lin (Vice President) who confirmed that Holux Taiwan would be coming to the next PocketGPSWorld GPS International Expo.

New Holux GPS Products
New Holux GPS Products

Holux GR-239
Holux GR-239

Holux NAV53
Holux NAV53

Grace from Holux
Grace from Holux

The new GPS Tracker
The new GPS Tracker

The new GPS Tracker
The new GPS Tracker

Article by Mike Barrett on Saturday, March 11 @ 13:01:28 UTC

Destinator 6 was announced in Munich

Destinator 6 was announced in Munich yesterday. The Destinator Press release follows:

Destinator 6 for PDAs:
Fast navigational assistance for everyone

· Faster and easier to get to your destination: New user guidance and new “Map-Engine”
· Real-time traffic congestion avoidance: The new feature based on TMC-Pay-Services
· Trip-Planner optimises the route / Third Party POIs can be easily imported

Munich, 10th March 2006

Destinator Technologies has created a feature rich, flexible navigation product with mass market appeal with the introduction of Destinator 6, its latest mobile navigation solution for PDAs. The software is now even easier to use thanks to the revised user interface and “Routing-Engine” that shows the way quickly and reliably. Destinator 6 is one of the first mobile solutions to interpret the freely available traffic information which is transmitted by radio signal as well as the much more up-to-date and comprehensive encrypted data transmitted by TMC-Pay-Service providers. This means that traffic congestion can be avoided more or less in real time. Users can optimise their routing when having to reach multiple destinations during the same trip.

Fast and simple operation

Destinator 6’s new “Map-Engine” ensures a crystal clear and extremely fast map display both in 2D and especially in 3D mode. The layout clarity of this mode has been increased by displaying the town and street names. The user interface is intuitive and completely finger operable – styluses have been made redundant. A full keyboard is now used to enter street names instead of using a mobile phone type keyboard. The search is supported by a fast search algorithm which automatically completes the names as they are entered and shows the results in a list. When entering only a town’s name you will automatically be guided to the town centre. Support for high end devices with VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels has been enhanced to deliver the best visual experience.

Avoid traffic congestions, even overseas with high quality live-traffic data

Destinator 6 is one of the first mobile navigation solutions that displays TMC-Pay-Service information on PDAs with no monthly or annual fees. Currently it supports the TMC pro Service from T-Systems in Germany and the Trafficmaster pay service in the UK. This system uses traffic information which is gathered, for example, by vehicles equipped with transmitters (floating cars), by sensors built into streets or by data cameras installed on bridges. This data is transmitted in “real-time” to the navigation device by specialist providers as a premium service. It is of a high quality and extremely up-to-date. As with this freely available traffic information, this data is transmitted via radio signal but it is encrypted and can only be used if the appropriate licence has been purchased.

Destinator Technologies offers this service for a once-only licence fee which is already included in the purchase price of the product – no further costs are incurred. TMC services of other countries can be used thanks to the new “TrafficSam” technology; TrafficSam allows the use of TMC services with Destinator 6 for PDAs across borders without additional costs in accordance with the “once purchased – use everywhere” principle. A pre-requisite for this function is, as with the use of free TMC services, an RDS capable TMC receiver. Destinator 6 with TrafficSam will be offered as a separate Destinator Technologies product.

Reach multiple destinations by the shortest route

Destinator 6’s unique “Trip-Planner” allows commercial users such as delivery drivers or sales representatives to reach multiple destinations by the shortest route. Routes can be entered randomly and are then sorted using the “optimise route” function.

Import function for Points of Interest (“POIs”)

POIs from third parties can be easily imported into Destinator 6 using the new interface. Drivers can have their attention drawn to points of interest, like hotels, petrol stations, restaurants or pharmacies by verbal or visual prompts.

Destinator 6 for PDAs will be available for purchase by the end of April 2006. The map data will cover the whole of Europe including Eastern Europe and will be based on the latest Q1/2006 (NAVTEQ) map edition. The retail price of Destinator 6 will be around £99.99 inc. VAT, Destinator 6 with TrafficSam will be available at approximately £139.99 inc. VAT.

Article by Mike Barrett on Saturday, March 11 @ 09:53:58 UTC

Garmin make 10 new Product Announcements

We have just finished the Garmin Press Conference at CeBIT. The presentation was given by Ralf Hug, the Automotive Marketing Director for Garmin.

Garmin announced 10 new products today, both upgrades to existing SatNav products and some new ranges. Most of the new additions are in the StreetPilot range. These are: Nuvi 310, 310 Deluxe, and 360 a new range called the StreetPilot c510, c510 Deluxe and c550 and finally the top of the range StreetPilots the 7200 and 7500.

Additional features and functionality on some of these devices includes:
- Integrated TMC Traffic data
- Bluetooth Hands free phone functionality
- Text to Speech
- MP3 Player
- Audio Books
- Travel Guides
- Customisable Vehicle Icons
- Garmin Lock (security)

There was also a new Fleet Management system announced featuring a partnership between Garmin, GPS Buddy, and Beacon Wireless.

The new 7000 series feature 7” screens and have a composite video input for reversing cameras etc. The top of the range 7500 also features dead reckoning to allow navigation in the absence of GPS signals.

Garmin Mobile was also announced. This is a SiRFStarIII based GPS Cradle for a mobile phone with integrated speaker allowing hands free dialling and full turn by turn navigation. This is compatible with a wide range of phones including: Windows Mobile, Symbian, and PalmOS.

The last product to be announced was the GVN52. This is an OEM “Black Box” solution to integrate into a vehicle’s A/V system. The first implementation of this will be the Kenwood system.

I am just about to see Garmin to get my hands on this new gear. More details will follow shortly…

Mike and Ralf from Garmin
Mike and Ralf from Garmin

Garmin c550
Garmin c550

Garmin Nuvi 360
Garmin Nuvi 360

Article by Mike Barrett on Thursday, March 09 @ 17:06:39 UTC

The Theme for GPS at CeBIT 2006 is BIG stands

Well CeBIT 2006 got off to a cold start for us today. I opened the curtains of the Guesthouse and found a few centimetres of snow had fallen overnight. Not only that but the taxi we had booked didnt arrive. I am sitting here now in the press centre typing this having only had one cup of coffee and nothing to eat all day. Still it is exciting here...

I havent had much of a chance to see anything yet. I really didnt think that a lot of companies would finish the stands in time. ALK were still putting the final touches to the stand at 8:55 after working through the night. I was of course wrong and everyone was indeed ready for the 9:00 openning of the doors to the public.

Last year TomTom dominated the hall. This year it looks like everyone has gone big. All the stands are HUGE and extremely impressive. We will be wandering around and checking out the new gear over thenext few days and will report back here. In the mean time here are a few pictures I grabbed whilst running through to the Press Centre.

I smell some coffee somewhere...

A cold start to CeBIT
A cold start to CeBIT

TomTom at CeBIT 2006
TomTom at CeBIT 2006

ALK at CeBIT 2006
ALK at CeBIT 2006

Route66 at CeBIT 2006
Route66 at CeBIT 2006

Garmin at CeBIT 2006
Gamin at CeBIT 2006

Navigon at CeBIT 2006
Navigon at CeBIT 2006

ViaMichelin at CeBIT 2006
ViaMichelin at CeBIT 2006

Map and Guide at CeBIT 2006
Map and Guide at CeBIT 2006

PocketGPSWorld at CeBIT 2006
PocketGPSWorld at CeBIT 2006

Article by Mike Barrett on Thursday, March 09 @ 13:23:08 UTC

PocketGPSWorld.com Exhibit at CeBIT 2006 for first time.

PocketGPSWorld.com were invited by the UK Foreign Office to attend the International Technology Showcase of CeBIT 2006 to promote the excellence of UK services and products to the international business community. CeBIT is of course very important to us as a networking event where we can see new products and build relationships with new navigation companies.

During the show the stand will be staffed by Mike, Robert, Darren, Lutz and Pauline. If you are at CeBIT pop along and see us. We are in the Telematics and Navigation Hall 11 Stand D14. We look forward to meeting you.

PocketGPSWorld at CeBIT 2006
PocketGPSWorld at CeBIT 2006

PocketGPSWorld at CeBIT 2006
PocketGPSWorld at CeBIT 2006

Article by Mike Barrett on Thursday, March 09 @ 13:05:14 UTC

CeBIT officially opened last night by the German Chancellor

Last night a few miles away from the CeBIT fairgrounds the exhibition was officially opened by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The opening ceremony held in the Hannover Conference Centre, to an invited audience of company directors and executives, also had speeches from The Mayor of Hannover, and the Vodaphone CEO amongst others.

Angela Merkel enthused about the technologies on display and the opportunities they offer to build the economies of Europe.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel
The German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The CeBIT opening ceremony
The CeBIT opening ceremony

Mike and Robert at the CeBIT opening ceremony
Mike and Robert at the CeBIT opening ceremony

Article by Mike Barrett on Thursday, March 09 @ 12:48:38 UTC

ALK Announce FleetCenter and CoPilot Live Professional

Last month I was a Judge for the Navteq LBS Awards. This featured a number of the well know GPS companies in the final, with the winner being ALK with their new FleetCenter and CoPilot Live Professional software.

Today ALK officially announced the software. This is aimed at all kinds of businesses who want to implement a vehicle management system without massive investment in technology. FleetCenter is scalable and is suitable for implementation in a number of SME companies.

Click here for more details and the Press release.

ALK FleetCenter
ALK FleetCentre

Article by Mike Barrett on Thursday, March 09 @ 12:05:17 UTC

Mike's view of the new TomTom GOs...

As a lot of you are aware last week we attended a TomTom media and partner event in London where we were sworn to secrecy. We were allowed to issue the press release but we had to keep most of the details quiet until today.

Well TomTom had two announcements the New GO range and a Fleet Management System TomTom Work. This article covers the new GO a separate one will follow regarding the TomTom Work system.

The New TomTom GO Range.

Since the March 2004 launch of the GO TomTom introduced a new concept: the "Automotive Navigation Alternative". A real mass market alternative to the expensive in-car systems. This has generated over 2,000,000 sales of TT Go but still has only 10% coverage of the European car users. This leaves a massive market still available to capture.

Way back in 2004 we were all surprised by the GO Classic. Last year the GO 300,500, and 700 were a surprise, we knew they were coming but were not sure exactly what they would offer.

So what is instore for 2006?

We have been part of the TomTom beta test team for some time so we had some inkling of what was coming from clues in the functionality of the new software. But once again they totally knocked us for 6 going beyond our dreams and forging yet another new standard in PND. Some o the features added are not unique, but there has been a lot of thought put into the implementation.

Main Features.

3 New Models 510, 710, and 910
New Wide screen design
Integrated text to speech engine giving natural voice commands
hands free functionality improved dramatically.
Audio/Video functionality including iPOD control
speed cams installed
Ambient light sensor to adjust screen brightness
Maps of EU, US and Canada preinstalled (910)

New Design
There is a new design. It retains the style of the older GOs. It is immediately identifiable as a GO, but the design is slicker, and more modern, but still retaining the GO brand look and feel.

The new GO has a 16:9 aspect Wide screen 4". Despite the additional size of the screen the over all size of the new GO is actually not much bigger than the existing range. This enables users to see more data whilst still being able to slip the PND into your pocket...

To complement the new GO design there is a new mounting system. This sits behind device to make it look like a rear view mirror with the mount completely hidden. The mount comes with connectivity in mind. Apart from Power there is an Audio Out, RDS TMC (for FM traffic reports), an external Microphone, and an iPOD connector. The Audio out allows you to route the output from the GO directly through the Aux-In of your car stereo. This means that not only do your navigation instructions get output to the car speakers, so does any music from the Multimedia player.

As with the recent TomTom one the new GOs all benefit from a SiRFStarIII chipset which is currently the most sensitive chipset on the market. To assist with faster satellite fixing TomTom have introduced TomTom Quick Fix. This is part of the TomTom home package which downloads the satellite data from the internet and stores it on the GO. This means that when you switch the GO on in the car it already has the satellite positions. All it needs to do is to read the signals.

New Software
Along with the new hardware comes new software. Yes you have guessed it this will be version 6.0. The emphasis on the new version 6 software has been on improved navigation. This focuses on increased situational awareness and minimising of user input. The new map data will contain enhanced data such as low bridges and road signs. It will also contain information on which lane you need to be in for your next turn. This lane awareness allows the software to provide early warnings when you have to switch lanes to exit or remain on the current road. Whilst we are talking about maps. Another neat feature that TomTom have added is the satellite image. No not a picture of a GPS satellite, but actual pictures of the Earth taken by NASA satellites. These are only used at the lower magnifications of the map view with the normal map being displayed at higher resolutions.

There is a built in light sensor. This allows the automatic adjustment of the brightness of the screen, including switching to day/night schemes as appropriate.

Ever parked your car in a car park in a strange town and cant remember where you left it? With the new GO you don't need to worry. As soon as you remove it from the mount it remembers the location automatically. All you need to do is hit the "find my car" function and the GO will route you directly to where the car is parked.

The audio output of the GO is another area that has seen a lot of attention. Firstly there is text to speech, then the entire Multimedia system, the iPOD connectivity, not forgetting the hands free mobile integration. All of these features have been integrated with a lot of thought. If you are listening to music and the navigation system need to alert you to a turn instruction then the music is paused whilst the instruction is given. If you are in a phone call then you will hear a beep and that is all. If you receive a text message then the text to speech audio will read the text out to you (could be interesting if your girlfriend texts when driving with your wife). If the traffic situation ahead changes then this will be read out to you. You can also get the system to alert you to nearby POIs on the route (including of course speed cameras). Of course the text to speech is also able to provide dynamic instructions including road names etc. And to cap it all there is an automatic voice level feature which adjusts the output levels to the ambient background noise. This ensures that you will always hear your instructions.

The other new feature that we keep mentioning is the Multimedia system. This is only available on the GO910 which has a large hard disk drive with 16Gb available for music and video. A lot of other PNDs support the playing of music, or video. This is not a first for TomTom. What is though is the thoughtful way it has been implemented. The Multimedia has been designed for safe driving, and is fully integrated with the navigation and hands free phone functionality. You can download your music collection and listen to it playing through your car speakers but have it paused for announcements and phone calls. A truly integrated system. Of course it is not just music that is played the system also supports Audio Books, a new feature of TomTom Plus.

The original GO was limited in its expansion through the mount. You had external power only. This is not the case with the new GOs. There is a connector for just about everything. In fact the only connector not mentioned is the external antenna. I am sure it must have one... The connectivity options are:
- Handsfree integration via BT
- iPOD integration via cable Go now controls the ipod
- output goes through the built in speaker or car speakers.
- direct connection from mount
- speaker selection for various outputs
- supports BT hi-fi streaming
- TomTom Home dock PDAs have cradles to sync with a PC. Now the GO does to.

Management Software
One of the nightmare support issues is the management of the Add-ins and maps and voices on the GO. This has always been a headache since day one of the GO Classic. With the introduction of the Home Mount TomTom have released a PC application to manage the content of the GO. This uses an explorer like interface to transfer data between the desktop and the GO.

TomTom have answered peoples pleas to implement security. They have done this by using a theft protection pin code. I don't know the full details of the mechanisms, but it will lock the GO if you don't enter the correct PIN code.

TomTom Plus
The Plus services have also seen an overhaul with new and updated services
TomTom Audiobooks
TomTom has partnered with Audible Inc., to provide a range of about twenty three thousand books in audio format. from comedy to politics (no they are not the same) fiction and non-fiction you can even download audio versions of newspapers or maybe you want to learn a new skill whilst driving...

TomTom Buddies
TomTom Buddies is the killer application for me. This allows you to create your own community of friends (or workmates) enabling you to locate and navigate to any of your Buddies. If you are just off to see your lady friend then there is a privacy option so your partner cant see where you are. Just make sure you enable it...

TomTom Safety Cameras
Quote from TomTom
"Adding to TomTom’s comprehensive database of safety camera sites that have been checked and verified by TomTom field surveyors, the TomTom safety camera alerts now include Mobile Safety Cameras, and the option to report any new safety cameras at a touch of a button from TomTom devices. Completely integrated into the new TomTom GO range, TomTom Safety Cameras encourage safe driving, whilst ensuring that users can report changes in locations of speed cameras and mobile speed traps. These are then automatically updated in a large database, meaning users will continue to receive the latest information from their device."

TomTom Quick GPS Fix™
With the TomTom HOME software the details normally received from the GPS satellites can be downloaded into the GO from the internet. This allows the GO to get a lock on the Satellites quickly.

TomTom GO 910 has a recommended retail price of €699
TomTom GO 710 has a recommended retail price of €599
TomTom GO 510 has a recommended retail price of €499

TomTom at CeBIT
TomTom at CeBIT

TomTom 910 at CeBIT
TomTom 910 at CeBIT

TomTom 910 at CeBIT
TomTom 910 at CeBIT

TomTom 510 at CeBIT
TomTom 510 at CeBIT

Article by Mike Barrett on Thursday, March 09 @ 11:34:04 UTC

TomTom 510, 710, 910 - More Details

TomTom this morning officially announced their new GO lineup, the 510, 710 and 910. Launching the devices at the worlds largest electronics show, CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

The new widescreen devices have features such as iPod Control, contiguous US and EU mapping on the same device, RDS/TMC, 20GB HDD, MP3 Player and Photo Viewer.

For the business owner, a new service called TomTom WORK which allows tracking and fleet management of your salesmen, service engineers, drivers etc all through the familiar TomTom Interface.

Click here to read the overview...

TomTom Work
The PC Despatch and Tracking Interface

Article by Darren Griffin on Thursday, March 09 @ 09:05:17 UTC

WayFinder announce the latest version of Navigator

Press Release from WayFinder

The new Wayfinder Navigator brings the world to your hand

Wayfinder takes mobile phone GPS-navigation to the next level with the latest version of the flagship product Navigator, introduced to the market at the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover on March 9-15. The Navigator is loaded with a number of useful functions, designed to please the traveller. The new features include a unique zoom-in world map, currency converter, guidebook and a weather-service. The new Wayfinder Navigator reaches the market in April. The era of paper maps and paper guidebooks is now at an end.

In addition to GPS-navigation in Europe and North America with more than three million Points of Interest, it's possible to zoom in any chosen location on the planet with the new Wayfinder Navigator.

With the breakthrough world map coverage in your hand it's possible to find your way throughout the entire world. This makes Wayfinder Navigator uncontested the most complete mobile navigation service on the market, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO Wayfinder Systems.

The interface of Wayfinder Navigator has gone through a sweeping update and is now even more user-friendly, attractive and distinct. The Service Window, an additional new feature, provides the user with information on weather, currency rates and currency converting. Future add-ons will be presented to the user in the Service Window.

The goal of our product line is being the ultimate travel companion, and we reach that goal by constantly solving the traveller's problems. Whether it's regarding finding the right way or work out foreign price tags, says Magnus Nilsson, CEO Wayfinder Systems.

The new version of Wayfinder Navigator is introduced to the market on CeBIT in Hanover and will reach the consumer market in April 2006.

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, March 06 @ 21:58:02 UTC

GPS Products will be located in Hall 11.

Last year the organisers at CeBIT recognised the importance of the GPS industry and placed most of the GPS companies in the same exhibition hall: Hall 11. This year thay have done the same and once again it is Hall 11. Not only does hall 11 host the GPS Industry it also has the Taiwan Village (where most GPS products originate) and mobile communications.

PocketGPSWorld.com are exhibiting at the show as part of the UK Foreign Office initiative to promote British excellence. We will be in Hall 11 Stand D14. We will be promoting our GPS Exhibitions and Website. If you are visiting pop along and see us we may even be able to offer you a cup of English tea.

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, March 06 @ 13:30:57 UTC

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