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Mark Sowter's Custom Navman Mount

21st October 2002

Article by Dave Burrows


A Pocket GPS Reader Mark Sowter has put together some in-car photos to show off how he's mounted his Navman sleeve and Compaq iPAQ in-car.

The mount he's devised really is spectacular.  We haven't seen anything like it!

As Mark has both a car and a van, he wanted something that wasn't fixed and could be used in both his car and van without massive hassles in de-installing it from each.

A lot of Pocket GPS Readers have complained about the Navman suction mount.  Although it does the job it's designed to do, it does tend to lose suction over a period of time, and also when your windscreen is left in bright sunlight compared to other suction mounts.  This is one of the main reasons why a lot of readers tend to go for air vent mounts, because if a suction mount loses suction, so does your nice expensive iPAQ and Navman sleeve, and they both go crashing to the floor.  Several readers have had their iPAQ screens crack due to this.

Mark decided he would get something that would do the job, and well, he's certainly found the item.

Mark purchased a car body panel dent remover from Screwfix Direct.  These have a massive suction, and are very similar to floor tile removers you see, or even what glass removers use to hold onto plates of glass.

Mark says it's a bit on the heavy duty side but it never falls off!


Mark's Modified Navman Mount


Mount completely out of sight!

Mark used the Dent Remover and fixed a swivel mount and then fixed a bracket to this which is made from mild steel.

Once bolted together it gives him a perfect mount which can be turned to point in the direction he wants it.

I must say he's got the cables well hidden!  Not one can be seen, and the setup is very neat!

If you would like to purchase the Dent Puller from Screwfix Direct, you'll need to purchase the Dent Puller with catalog number 16635.  It costs 9.79 and can be found at ScrewfixDirect.com.


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