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 Maporama Online Maps for the Pocket PC

27th August 2002


 Price: Free

Maporama is a website I came across probably about a year ago.  The maps weren't that great, but have been achieved upon considerably since I last looked.  The maps are as good as most of the maps you'll find in products like AutoRoute, the difference being with Maporama, the maps are online, and you can either take a screen dump and crop them in your favourite paint package and save them as a JPG, or you can download them to your PDA via AvantGo.  Either way producing a quick map for you to import into GPS packages like GPS Ideas.


Click for large view.

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Click for large view.

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Maporama first asks you questions, like what address, postcode, city you want to pin point the map of, and what kind of definition.  Once you've entered this, Maporama will then generate a map for you.  You can then personalise the map to your own likeing by adding POI (Points Of Interest), changing the measurement units, changing the style of the map, definition, colour and the most important size.

Maporama lets you go from a small map customised for a Palm Pilot at the pixel resolution of 145x145 right up to and including a large map at 740x526 pixels.  You can set your own personalised setting but it unfortunetly won't let you go above the largest map configuration.


The Maporama maps are highly detailed, and once you add Points of Interest data to the map, the map just gets better and better. 


If you don't have a mapping program on your PC, then you won't lose anythiing by trying Maporama as it's totally free.


Maporama also has a great feature of allowing you to specify a journey from A to B and to allow it to drive you there by plotting a map.  You won't unfortunately be able to zoom in on any planned map you design, but it will give you turn by turn instructions, so if you're staying in a different city on business, this can be invaluable as it will also give you POI data to go with it.

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