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Krusell PDA carrying case review Date 4th June 2004

Review by Mike Barrett, Darren Griffin and Robert Brady


Krusell PDA carrying case review

Whilst we were at CeBIT this year we made a lot of new contacts. Our primary aim for visiting CeBIT was to find out what was happening in the World of PDAs and GPS and to try and arrange to review as much gear as possible.


One of the companies that we met was Krusell. Krusell are based in Sweden and manufacture cases for all types of electrical equipment, but mainly focus on PDAs and Phone cases. They have kindly provided us with a range of samples to evaluate and these are our findings...


Darren Reviewed the iPaq 2210 Handit Case

Krusell have already earned a reputation for high quality with their range of PDA and Cell phone cases.


As I already own a Krusell case for my E200 Smartphone which fits the handset like a glove and utilises their superb 'Multdapt' clip system I was delighted to receive a 2210 case for review.

It's worth explaining in some detail just how Multidapt works as in my opinion this is one of the best features of the Krusell cases and makes their product stand above the competition.


On the rear of all cases that support Multdapt is a grooved plastic slide and locking system and lanyard attachment. Onto this can be attached a button fixing that mates with a range of optional swivel belt clips including heavy duty metal and leather versions.


Alternatively the button can be removed and replaced with a selection of fixed and sprung clips. The fixings are held securely in place and can be easily removed by using the tip of a pen or stylus to release the locking button.


Now let's look at the case in detail, the first important detail worth mentioning is that unlike some competitors, the Krusell case has protection down each side, in addition there is a small band of leather that separates the screen and application button areas.


Cut-outs around the power button and Bluetooth LEDs are accurately cut and all edges are neatly stitched. The interior of the case is lined with brushed velour like surface which protects your PocketPC and prevents scratching.


On the rear are perforated holes for the speaker and microphone and once again these were accurately positioned.


The cover flap contains slots for two SD cards, two business/credit cards and a further slot that can accommodate a CF card; I found this last slot ideal for my CF WLAN Card.


Even with all the slots occupied I could easily close the flap although Krusell have allowed for the possibility of bulky accessories by providing two fasteners on the rear.


In day to day use it all worked perfectly, the only minor issues were that once in the case the power switch and stylus became a little more difficult to get at but this was a minor issue.


Krusell use high quality leather and the construction is such that I see no reason why the case would not long outlive the PocketPC which it protects.


The Multidapt system works well, needs no tools and is compatible with all of their other products, great if like me you already have a cell phone case and means that I'll be expanding my Krusell collection to cover some of my other PPC's.

Mike reviewed the iPaq 2210 Calendaric case

My first introduction to the Krusell caes was at CeBIT this year. I was impressed not only by the friendliness of the staff, and the Swedish coffee, but also by the quality of the wallets they were giving away.


With this in mind I asked them to send us some case samples for review. A couple of days later they turned up. I was expecting to have to fight to get the one I wanted, but no we amicably agreed which ones we would review. As I already had a belt mountable case I opted for the Calendaric.


The Calendaric is a beautifully made PDA case, crafted from scrumptous black and tan leather. It actually reminded me of a small Filofax, which I suppose it really is, a modern day version.


With the case shut you can insert a charging lead and recharge the PDA. You can also have your headphones connected with the case closed.


Opening the case there is space for the PDA, of course, this is on the left hand side. On the right hand side there is a vertical flap and pockets galore.


There are two little pockets for SD cards, 4 slots for Credit cards or Business cards, and one space for a CF card. Beneath all of that there is a space where I keep some money.


There were two little quirks about this case that took me a little while to fathom out. One there is a strap that fits over the stylus ensuring the stylus doesnt get lot or the PDA fall out. Th other was a strange hole in the spine. It took me some while to work out that you should remove the stylus from the PDA and insert it into the spine. This then alleviated the need to partially remove the PDA to access the stylus. How foolish did I feel? Well at least no-one knows about that then!!!


My overall impression of this case is that is is just short of perfect. It really does allow me to be fully organised, whilst providing excellent protection. I never go out on foot in the city without it now.


Robert reviewed the iPaq 3870 Handit Platinum case with Multiadapt carrying system


This case looks very smart, is made from a soft, but solid, brown leather with an attractive cream interior.


To secure the flap you have a choice of two holes for the press-studs. One hole at the top of the case accommodates my iPAQ 3870 with extra cargo such as credit cards or SD cards. The other, which is slightly lower, accommodates a tight fit around the iPAQ in isolation. In fact, with my particular case, even without extra cargo, it was a bit of a struggle to reach the lower hole with the flap, so it was a very tight fit indeed.

Krusell handit platinum pda case

I suspect that with more use, the leather will soften and this will become easier.


I found that the belt clip system, a choice of two clips, worked well... eventually. It took me a while to work out how to remove the first clip from the case so I could try the second!


After initially trying to slide it off and then to pull it off - and indeed a combination of both until I was red in the face - I tried stabbing it with a small screwdriver which did the trick perfectly!


In fact any sharp object strategically placed in the small hole in either clip using gentle downward pressure effortlessly secures the release of these otherwise limpet like clips perfectly. I'm now told that clever people use their PDA's stylus or pen. Stop laughing, yeah sure, it's easy when you know how!



Krusell handit platinum pda case
Overall, now I've got the knack, highly recommended. Krusell handit platinum pda case

Mike reviewed the Vertalic case

Despite the fact that Krusell make cases specifically for my mobile phone I decided to go for a more generic case that would be functional for a number of different devices.


I wanted to use it primarily for my Nokia 6600 and also for my Sony DCS-P10 camera. Fortunately both of these devices are about the same size so it is really handy. It also fits the RoyalTek BlueGPS very well and the Fortuna Clip on snuggles in there quite well (with a lot of space to spare).


This case is also made from a nice soft black leather, with a magnetic catch to keep the flap shut. The sides of the case have an elastic insert in them to allow the case to be used with differetn thikness devices. A nice extra touch is the inclusion of a cutaway at the bottom of the case to allow access to leads from hands free sets or headphones.


As Darren described above this case is supplied with a multidapt connector system. I was only able to use mine with a belt clip and neck strap, but both of those worked very well. I was impressed with the belt clip as it has a loop for the belt, which means that there is no chance of the clip coming off the belt.


Overall, this is an excellent case that is flexible in it's usage model. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone for everyday use.


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