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James' SAAB In-Car Mount

13th May 2003

 Article by James Wildy


I use an iPAQ 3970, Emtac BT GPS receiver and run TomTom Navigator 2 software.
My aim was to have a set-up as simple as possible, to be convenient and reliable to use and importantly to me to be neat and tidy (no trailing wires etc).
I use the Clip.com vent mount for my iPAQ, with a minor modification - I have replaced the soft foam rubber strip on the front surface of the mount with Velcro, this I find provides a steadier base for the iPAQ
I have hard wired a 4-way 12 volt accessory extension behind the dash - leaving my external accessory socket free - not that I ever use it of course but it looks neat that way!
Here I have been fortunate, the car is a Saab 9-3, and doesn't have one of those rear-view mirrors attached directly to the windscreen as you'll see from the photos so I've managed to fix the Emtac to the back of the mirror.


The Emtac BT GPS charger lead extends from the the 4-way extension in the dash up the passenger-side A-pillar, behind the roof lining to the the rear view mirror.  Here I have Velcro'd the Emtac to the 'arm' of the rear view mirror giving it a constant view of the sky through the front windscreen.  This keeps it away from the dash, provides constant power supply which you can see in the photos, but as an added security bonus is barely visible from the outside. 

I have the iPAQ charger lead feeding its way behind the dash exiting just below the iPAQ, with any excess wire Velcro'd to the underneath of the dash.
I feel I have achieved a very neat set-up with an almost built-in feel to it.  But importantly, it remains completely portable.



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