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Fugawi for the Pocket PC

22nd August 2002

FUGAWI -- Freedom to go anywhere on the map.

Freedom to go anywhere on the map.

Price $99.00


Fugawi is an affordable, feature-packed software that locates your exact position on land or sea.

Fugawi for Pocket PC is an application for the Pocket PC that allows you to navigate on virtually any type of raster map or image with your GPS receiver. 


GPS receivers can connect to the PPC through the serial port that is used for connection to a PC, or through CF or PCMCIA slots.


Fugawi for Pocket PC works in partnership with Fugawi on the PC. The PC version of Fugawi can manage your map library and your waypoints, routes and tracks. 


Maps are prepared for the PPC and copied to the PPC simply clicking on a button in the PC. Maps can be loaded directly into the PPC memory, into an expansion memory card on the PPC or directly onto an expansion card via a card reader on the PC. With Fugawi's special compression technique and an expansion card, substantial map information can be available on your PPC.

With Fugawi you can:-

  • Now you can upload ANY map or chart from Fugawi to a Pocket PC such as a Compaq iPAQ.

  • Just select a map or an area of a map. Fugawi does the rest.

  • Real time tracking on the PPC device with any GPS receiver. Navman GPS offers cable-free navigation as shown above.

  • Zoom out and in with the PPC scroll buttons.

  • Create waypoints with a click on the PPC.

  • Create and Display Tracks and Routes on the PPC.

  • Store multiple tracks on the PPC.

  • Waypoints, Routes and Tracks transferred between the PPC and the PC with a click.

  • Click to create a waypoint at the current location. Ideal for field data collection.

  • Load maps directly onto expansion memory cards for extra storage capacity.


  • Windows CE 3.0 or higher.

  • ARM processor (iPAQ for example).

  • 4 mb on PPC device to allow for sufficient map storage.

  • GPS - Any of the following:





Track Display on iPAQ


NEW FEATURE Fugawi can upload any map from your PC to a Pocket PC (such as an iPAQ) or a Palm device (O.S. 3.5+). Just select an area of a map and press a button. Fugawi does the rest. Enjoy compact real-time GPS navigation with your Pocket PC or Palm. Fugawi also synchronizes waypoints, routes and tracks with the Palm or Pocket PC! Palm Details | Pocket PC Details


FUGAWI Complete Navigation System: US$99 (CAN$149)


Street Navigation on iPAW    Route Navigation on iPAQ



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