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Brodit mount for Palm Tungsten T3 review Date 19th June 2004

Brodit cat mounts

Equipment for Palm TungstenReview by Mike Barrett


Brodit Mount for Palm Tungsten PDAs

As most people will know I am a brodit fan. I have been very impressed with the quality and construction of the Brodit mounts along with the useability of the mounts in real life. We have reviewed quite a few different types of mounting options from Brodit and many other suppliers. So what is the Palm Tungsten one like?


What do you get?

The mount comes in two pieces: the mount itself and a tilt/swivel base. You will also get a number of self tapping screws to fit the mount to the base.


What else do you need?

To complete the mount you will need to invest in a ProClip.


You do not get a ProClip by default, this has to be ordered separately to suit your car make and year. Selecting the correct clip can be problematical and has caused angst with quite a few users in the past. If you are a little uncertain about the clip you require please confirm the precise one with your supplier when you order.


The other thing you will need is some form of power supply to connect the PDA to the power supply and possibly the GPS. This will normally be provided with your GPS.

The Brodit mount in action


Fitting the Mount

Fitting the mount is simple. All you need is a crosshead screwdriver and a fine drill. The drill is not strictly required, but will help to locate the screws.


Although not impossible it is best to mount the tilt/swivel base on the Proclip first, and then screw the mount on to the base. The assembled mount can then be clipped onto the car in the correct position.


In the picture to the right you can see three screws. The top and bottom ones are the mount fixing screws. The centre one adjusts the tension of the tilt/swivel movement. Tightening it will increase the friction and make the mount more difficult to move.

The brodit mount for the Palm Tungsten series PDAs

The Brodit mount in use.

I like the general range of mounts supplied by Brodit. I have used this one with both the Palm Tungsten T2 and the T3 PDAs. This mount is a little loose fitting and allows the PDA to rock back and forwards a little, but this never caused any issues whilst driving.



As with all Brodit mounts the Palm Tungsten mount fits well and performs well. There really is little else to say about it. If a static mount is the type you are looking for then it is difficult to fault this product.



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Manufacturers Website www.brodit.se
Pocket GPS Contributor Mike Barrett
Pocket GPS Contributor Website http://www.1st-ventures.com

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