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Blaupunkt announce the TravelPilot Lucca 3.5

Date 4th November 2007

What is your SatNav like? Three years ago chances were that it was rectangular, plasticky with very little style. Those days are long gone, and Blaupunkt have now shattered the rectangular design standard by producing a circular SatNav. This is an interesting style, and could throw you back to the 70's reminiscent of the medallions worn by the Bee Gees...


Design aside another new feature of the TravelPilot Lucca is an "Ecological" option allowing you to select a route offering lower fuel burn and lower emmissions. I am not entirely sure how they create that routing or if indeed it realy is more efficient.


The TravelPilot Lucca will be available this month in the UK and is priced at £270 which may seem a bit expensive, but it does come with TMC for traffic updates, full European mapping and European Speed camera data (Not the PocketGPSWorld.com database).


Article by Mike Barrett


Blaupunkt TravelPilot Lucca 3.5


The following is the official press release from Blaupunkt UK:


‘Get around…’
with the TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 Edition from Blaupunkt

Funky round design
Quick route calculation and precise navigation
Full seven digit UK postcode search
‘Ecological’ route option for fuel efficiency and lower emissions
Traffic jam warnings, even when route guidance not activated

Ultra-modern or retro chic? Whichever way you look at it, the new round TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 Edition from Blaupunkt is going to turn heads in the world of portable sat nav. With its superb, circular body and stunningly easy to use menus and features, the Lucca 3.5 Edition is sure to roll its way onto drivers’ wish lists this Christmas.

On seeing its easy ‘plug and play’ installation and simple-to-use menus, users would be forgiven for thinking that the Lucca is a case of style over substance, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. The Lucca 3.5 Edition offers super-fast, reliable route calculation, presented on a clear 3.5 inch touch screen display. Carefully designed, colour-coded menus and clear instructions mean that even those new to sat nav will certainly not be going round in circles!

TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 Edition features at a glance
• Free built-in TMC reception of Trafficmaster® traffic information to avoid jams
• Unique, stylish, circular design
• Easy to use, clearly designed menus and instructions
• Full seven digit UK postcode search
• Ultra-quick route search and calculation
• UK/Ireland street level mapping pre-installed
• Major European roads pre-installed
• Western European street level maps provided on DVD
• European safety camera data included on CD
• ‘Ecological’ route option for fuel efficiency and lower emissions
• Ability to upload third party points of interest, e.g. caravan sites
• Automatic display switch for night/day driving
• Photo viewer and MP3 entertainment features via card reader
• SD/SDHC/MMC card compatibility and USB 2.0 connectivity
• Fast set-up and easy mounting
• 3.5 inch (9cm diagonal) display in 4:3 format
• Four digit PIN code for additional security

Stress-free travel – and better for the environment
The Lucca 3.5 Edition locates its current position quickly and calculates its route with lightning speed, making sure the driver can start their journey as quickly as possible. Destinations can be found using a full seven digit postcode search, or by street name, when instructions can be given directly to the house number.

As well as getting to the chosen destination in the quickest possible time, Blaupunkt has also included an ‘ecological’ route option, which calculates the most efficient journey, thus saving the driver fuel and reducing emissions into the environment at the same time.

In addition, special points of interest, such as filling stations, restaurants and hotels, can be located quickly and easily. Third party points of interest, such as caravan sites or tourist attractions can also be uploaded to the Lucca 3.5 Edition.

Once they are on their way, the driver can maintain the best possible, fastest route with the assistance of the Lucca’s integrated TMC (Traffic Message Channel) receiver, which helps avoid traffic jams or congestion. For added convenience, the TMC function can be used without the navigation function enabled, which is particularly useful when driving on well known routes.

In addition to congestion warnings, the Lucca 3.5 helps the driver to observe the speed limit at all times, with audible warnings for speed limits and safety cameras.

Circling the globe
A DVD with data covering the street level network of 21 countries in Western Europe is provided with the Lucca 3.5 Edition. An ‘optimal route’ function works out the best possible route and time for the selected destination.

A number of additional user-friendly features make the Lucca 3.5 Edition stand out even further from other sat nav devices. An integrated sensor switches from day to night display, for easy reading of the screen at all times. The device also features a card reader for SD/SDHC and MMC media cards, allowing the uploading of additional navigation data, and also playback of music files and JPG images, turning the Lucca into a portable entertainment player. Points of interest can also be downloaded and managed via the software supplied with the device.

For added security, the Lucca 3.5 Edition can be protected and locked with a four digit PIN code, and a special case is also available to keep the Lucca protected when outside the vehicle.

The Blaupunkt TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 Edition will be available from retailers in November 2007 at a suggested retail price of £269.99.




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