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Peter Mills' SAAB In-Car Mount

13th May 2003

 Article by Peter Mills


My car setup currently consists of an Compaq iPAQ 3970 and a Socket Bluetooth GPS.  I have installed this the iPAQ using a Brodit Proclip and powered cradle in my Audi TT, I modified the fit by first not using the double sided tape on the Proclip and secondly by using heavy duty Velcro to mount the cradle to the Proclip.  You will see this shown in the fig 1 below.

This enables me to remove it from sight when not in use. The Socket Bluetooth GPS sits neatly on the dash on its own rubber feet and stays put without any additional fitting. 

In fig 2 you will see the installation of a multi cigarette lighter point which provides extra power sockets where needed and fits very neatly and out of sight under the ashtray housing. I wired it into the existing cigarette lighter circuit using an additional fuse.

When I initially tried to put the 3970 into the Brodit cradle the plug would not fit.  It looks visually different to the plug on the iPAQ cradle. However I loosened the screws on the cradle, carefully fitted the 3970 and then did the screws up again.  Since then, it has not been a problem.  I add the warning because another person on the Audi TT forum had similar problems but when he tried pushing his iPAQ in it broke the socket. 

Fig 1 Fig 2




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