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Anywhere Map for the Pocket PC

22nd August 2002


Price $289.00


Fly with tomorrow’s glass cockpit TODAY

The Anywhere Map™ is a totally unique tool for today’s pilot, quite unlike anything most pilots have ever used.  Designed and refined by experienced pilots, it combines the important features of an advanced color moving map, terrain avoidance and flight management system, flight planner, airport guidebook, flight calculator, clearance recorder, and copilot, into an amazingly compact and easy to use package that literally fits into your shirt-pocket.   And it actually costs less than old-fashioned portable color moving maps it obsoletes.  Are you ready for extreme situational awareness?

Compare these powerful features with systems costing ten times as much:

  • Terrain elevation and avoidance

  • Obstacle warnings and avoidance

  • Exclusive “Cones of Safety” glide prediction system

  • Special use airspace boundaries, updated daily online

  • AOPA airport directory information

  • Published holding patterns

  • 28 day database upgrades with internet convenience.

  • More than 4000 Instrument approach procedures

  • Personal Digital CoPilot reminders and alerts

  • Nearest airport, VOR, ATIS, AWOS, FSS and ATC frequencies

  • Vertical Navigation

  • Weight and balance; Checklists; and flight calculations

  • Optional in flight weather overlay

"Anywhere Map is unique in that ALL of these features reside in one beautifully sunlight readable yoke mountable system.  We challenge you to name a single system that offers all of these features for any price!  And you can use the system outside of the airplane for all sorts of non-aviation uses as well. "
"Our open architecture approach insures that the system will continue to grow, gaining features and enhancements over time – and our customer friendly business practices will ensure that no one is ever penalized for buying the system too soon."


Leveling the playing field
When connected to a data-link device such as a satellite phone or an AirCell™ phone, the upgraded AnywhereWX system can deliver NEXRAD weather to the cockpit -- in flight, in seconds, and even overlay this information on the color moving map for the ultimate in weather avoidance technology.   Now the pilot of ANY aircraft can have even better awareness of convective activity than most pilots of sophisticated “glass cockpit” business jets enjoy – all for much less than rudimentary lightning detection equipment.




What are you waiting for?
"Discover what thousands of other pilots already know… Anywhere Map is the most powerful handheld flight aid ever – the extreme situational awareness it provides can make you a safer and better pilot.   Why not join the revolution today?"


“The system is not tested or approved by the FAA or any governmental agency and should not be used as a primary flight instrument.  However, by bringing together information available from disparate sources, it can increase your awareness of the “big picture”.  


The FAA calls this “situational awareness”, but you will call it confidence building, and stress reducing.  Anywhere Map distills position, airspace, terrain, obstacle, and even weather information down into one easy to interpret display.”



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