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The Not-up-to-Speed Cameras of Maryland

Article by: robert
Date: 3 May 2010

pocketgpsworld.comIt looks as if Maryland may be set for a sharp reduction in its speed camera fines if they don't start paying attention to their own rules.

According to CBS's WJZ.com a woman has spent the last five months overturning a 40 dollar speed camera ticket.

Peggy Lucero discovered that the police were required to test speed cameras daily in Gaithersburg to ensure that they were working properly - they missed the one that caught her that day. A nearby camera hadn't been inspected in ten days begging the question as to how many others go routinely unchecked.

It also emerged that the road where she was "caught" hadn't been assessed for the appropriate speed limit in five years and the recommended speed should in fact be 10 miles per hour higher.

Calibration checks of UK static speed cameras are only required once a year and many who are caught on camera ask for a calibration certificate as proof of accuracy. It'll be interesting to see how many more Americans, now that more are aware of this loophole, will appeal a conviction involving a law that requires 365 times more checks per annum than that of the UK.
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