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TOM BIHN Ristretto for iPad - A top travel bag

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 10 Mar 2011

pocketgpsworld.comWe have reviewed a few bags in the past and whilst they may at first seem to have a tenuous connection to the core raison d'etre of PocketGPSWorld, it's not as tenuous as it may at first appear.

Most of you will have amassed a collection of gadgetry and therefore will likely carry more than one item of tech with you when you travel. The age old joke of the 'man bag' means that few british blokes who would dare to carry all the accoutrements they may need in anything bigger than a coat pocket.

But there is a massive market for laptop bags and they have been accepted without any of the attached derision associated with the man bag. There seems to be an unwritten rule which dictates what is, and what isn't acceptable and all of this presupposes that you, dear reader, are male. The world of tech isn't solely the domain of the male after all.

And so this rambling intro brings me to the subject of today's review. A satchel style bag designed to accommodate an iPad or Netbook and anything else you may wish to carry. I have spent a long time searching high and low for the perfect bag, one that is large enough to accommodate an iPad, a camera, E-reader, assorted cables, passport, tickets etc. In so doing I have amassed a sad collection of misfits, none of which ticked all the boxes and all of which failed miserably in one key area or another.

So let's see if TOM BIHN's Ristretto bag fits the bill. Read our review here.

Posted by Darren on Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:24 pm Reply with quote

We will be running a competition to win the very bag we reviewed here shortly. That's a chance to win the bag and some pouches for all your cables.

Stay tuned for your chance to win this excellent bag.

Darren Griffin - Editor

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