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Over 1600 Speed Cameras Changes in Just 6 Months

Article by: robert
Date: 18 Dec 2009

pocketgpsworld.comUpdating your PocketGPSWorld.com speed camera database regularly is crucial as it is constantly changing. Over 1600 static and mobile speed cameras were added/removed/modified across our speed camera databases in the last 6 months alone.

Are you still using the speed cameras that originally came with your satnav? You may as well delete them as there is little point in using out of date alerts. Remember, it only takes one new camera to cost you a hefty fine, add penalty points to your license and maybe even increase your insurance premiums.

Out of date cameras aside, how about the accuracy of locations? Have a look around our community forums (and many other community forums) to confirm that our data is widely regarded as the most accurate available. Within these forum you'll also find the hundreds of complaints concerning our competitors' offerings.

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And don't forget that we award free lifetime speed camera downloads to members for verified new sightings and changes.

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