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Nokia and Microsoft create a strategic partnership

Article by: Mike Barrett
Date: 11 Feb 2011

pocketgpsworld.comToday Nokia has broken some interesting news about a "broad strategic partnership" with Microsoft. Normally in the run up to MWC we do not get much of interest as the companies leave the highlights to the keynote presentations.

Not only has Nokia smashed that practice, it has also ditched the Symbian OS in favour of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. This is quite an interesting (but highly sensible) move by the two companies. For a long time now Nokia has been by far and away the market leader in the phone market, and arguably in the SmartPhone arena too (depending on how you classify a SmartPhone). Despite the lead in numbers they have never had the success or impact that either the iPhone or Android has experienced.

Microsoft on the other hand effectively killed of Windows Mobile at last year's MWC when announced Windows Phone 7 and also that would not be available until just before Xmas and that it was not an upgrade but you would have to get a new phone. It was seen at the time as not being the best marketing ploy. Since it's launch Windows Phone 7 hasn't been the stunning success that we might have expected.

I think that todays announcement will mark a turning point in the company's fortunes and set the bench mark for other companies to follow. By mere virtue of it's current market share the Nokia WP7 SmartPhones will be a huge success, but this will also have a knock-on effect on the developer community. With a large established market there is more incentive to create applications for the WP7 platform, which in turn will benefit Microsoft's struggling mobile OS.

Time will tell, but I will be very surprised if this alliance doesn't break the iOS/Android stranglehold on the mobile market and shake things up once again. Variety and success has to be a good thing for all concerned keeping the market alive and flourishing.

The official Nokia press release follows:

London, Feb. 11, 2011 - Nokia and Microsoft today announced plans to form a broad strategic partnership that would use their complementary strengths and expertise to create a new global mobile ecosystem.

Nokia and Microsoft intend to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services designed to offer consumers, operators and developers unrivalled choice and opportunity. As each company would focus on its core competencies, the partnership would create the opportunity for rapid time to market execution. Additionally, Nokia and Microsoft plan to work together to integrate key assets and create completely new service offerings, while extending established products and services to new markets.

Under the proposed partnership:

- Nokia would adopt Windows Phone as its principal smartphone strategy, innovating on top of the platform in areas such as imaging, where Nokia is a market leader.

- Nokia would help drive the future of Windows Phone. Nokia would contribute its expertise on hardware design, language support, and help bring Windows Phone to a larger range of price points, market segments and geographies.

- Nokia and Microsoft would closely collaborate on joint marketing initiatives and a shared development roadmap to align on the future evolution of mobile products.

- Bing would power Nokia's search services across Nokia devices and services, giving customers access to Bing's next generation search capabilities. Microsoft adCenter would provide search advertising services on Nokia's line of devices and services.

- Nokia Maps would be a core part of Microsoft's mapping services. For example, Maps would be integrated with Microsoft's Bing search engine and adCenter advertising platform to form a unique local search and advertising experience

- Nokia's extensive operator billing agreements would make it easier for consumers to purchase Nokia Windows Phone services in countries where credit-card use is low.

- Microsoft development tools would be used to create applications to run on Nokia Windows Phones, allowing developers to easily leverage the ecosystem's global reach.

- Nokia's content and application store would be integrated with Microsoft Marketplace for a more compelling consumer experience.

"Today, developers, operators and consumers want compelling mobile products, which include not only the device, but the software, services, applications and customer support that make a great experience," Stephen Elop, Nokia President and CEO, said at a joint news conference in London. "Nokia and Microsoft will combine our strengths to deliver an ecosystem with unrivalled global reach and scale. It's now a three-horse race."

"I am excited about this partnership with Nokia," said Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft CEO. "Ecosystems thrive when fueled by speed, innovation and scale. The partnership announced today provides incredible scale, vast expertise in hardware and software innovation and a proven ability to execute."
Posted by Darren on Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:05 pm Reply with quote

This could prove the kick up the rear that Windows Phone 7 needs to catch up with Android and iOS.

Nokia have done well to admit that Symbian has lost ground in the smartphone war and Maemo was a dogs dinner that was bound to fail. But Nokia hardware and Microsoft's phone OS could prove a killer combo.

And on that note, we may have to get developing the Windows Phone 7 version of CamerAlert now Laughing

Darren Griffin - Editor

Posted by alix776 on Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:20 pm Reply with quote

The news is very welcome and I'm using a wp7 as my main phone now. Yes at the time it was seen as a bad move the part of MS. But this news and the recent news that the app store for WP7 is growing faster than Apple or android did I think it has a good start. Yes there are somethings missing from the OS but it does feel much faster than my iPhone in use just need a couple of apps developing for business use and it will replace my iPhone the GPs does seem very good if MS give HTC etc the access to the os that Nokia will br given this could be an iPhone killer especially in the corperate field with the office hub using the windows live skydrive and cloud capabillities could even challenge RIM BlackBerry in this field. It will be interesting to see who gets the first onboard navigation application out. Do watch this space folks

currently using aponia truck navigation on windows phone. Good bye IOS don't let the door hit you on the way out .

Oh the joys of being a courier.
device Lumia 950 xl

Posted by xtraseller on Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:02 am Reply with quote

WP7 is for me also my choice of mobile OS - my iPhone4 has barely been used since I got my WP7 phone late last year

Its faster, slicker and visually so much more now than the iphone which is beginning to look very dated

Android is a shambles and is something which for once actually needs tighter control

WebOS (Palm / HP) is fantastic and a love the portrait form factor of their units (I have an original Palm Pre) but battery life is so bad on these units, and even on the ones just announced they don't seem to have beefed up their battery power to where it needs to be

So I think for Nokia it is a wise move - as long as they move fast

For MS and WP7 users it is the boost the platform needed to take it mainstream - and with it all those extra developers and apps

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