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Navigon showcase new PNDs at IFA 2010

Article by: Mike Barrett
Date: 12 Sep 2010

pocketgpsworld.comNavigon is often forgotten in the wake of the market leaders TomTom and Garmin, but at IFA they were showcasing their latest PNDs, Mobile solutions and software. In Berlin they were certainly the highlight of the show in terms of SatNavs. Although Navigon is not strong in the UK it has a much larger presence in Europe, and particularly the home country Gremany.

At the show Navigon were showing their full range of PND devices plus the latest offerings in mobile software. Navigon have three broad ranges of devices termed Easy, Plus and Premium. Essentially the Easy models are the entry range, the Plus are mid range and the Premium are the flagship models. Just to add a little more confusion there are also "Premium Live" versions that offer live traffic, fuel prices, events, parking, weather and speed cameras. There are 3 models in each range: 20; 40 and 70. These feature 3.5,4.3 and 5 inch screens respectively.

As you would expect these all feature Navteq maps, and have the usual functionality we have come to expect in a SatNav: 3D views,Lane Assist, Reality Views, etc. The Plus models add additional mapping and text to speech voice guidance. Finally the Premium devices add BT Handsfree communications and TMC traffic information.

A new hardware feature that has been added is a proximity sensor that pops up a menu without you having to touch the screen.

I have of course left the best for last. That is the software! Navigon have stood back and re-examined how people would use the device in real life and then constructed their software to that model. They talk a lot about use cases. This is when you examine each of the possible uses for the device and then build software to cater for them.

Converting this into a real life example: If you want to visit Trafalgar Square in London you would set Trafalgar Square as your destination. When the route is calculated the nearest parking places are (and with Live models how many spaces there are). As you drive into London you realise of course that you cannot just leave your car at Trafalgar Square so as you approach you can see parking locations along your route. When you park up the SatNav marks your spot and then switches into pedestrian mode to get you to your final destination. When you are ready to go home you first navigate to your parking location then when you get to the car set it to take you home.

Another new feature that has been added for this release is active lane assistance. This is effectively continuous lane assistance. It shows you the lanes you should to be in at all times. This should relieve some of the stress in driving through busy cities where you are not sure where you should be positioning yourself on the road.

The Navigon devices have a new, fresh look, feel and outlook on SatNav. They are not revolutionary, but they are certainly at the top of the evolutionary chain...
Posted by lads2000 on Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:49 am Reply with quote

As a long time Tom Tom user since V3. I decided to swap to a Navigon. I trialled it on my Iphone proir to the purchase but feel this has a more user friendly functions that aid a driver. I'm now waiting for the Live 70 to be delivered. I welcome the comments and it is nice to know that my thoughts are echoed here as Navigon are the ones to watch.

Posted by ljhamilton on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:40 pm Reply with quote

Been using Navigon on the iPhone since it came out, great piece of software. Much prefer it to the other apps I've tried. Hope they introduce these features into the iPhone version sooner rather than later as the other satnav companies are catching up to navigon feature set.

Posted by walkerx on Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:40 am Reply with quote

after the last purchase of a navigon device would never buy another one - the device wouldn't work properly and their customer service was appauling - if you need to speak to them ensure you have a good understanding of german, if not you'll get nowhere with them...

i've only had 2 good devices - one a road-angel and the other a tomtom

Posted by BigPerk on Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:58 am Reply with quote

I agree their support has been pretty gruesome for a while, but in my experience it was pretty good up to the point they got involved with their new range, and is now picking up again.

But as for needing german, I HAVE to disagree - whatever problems I have had with a great number of questions/problems, that has NEVER been an issue dealing via email. In any case one of the support team is a native english speaker, and I try and get to him whenever I can. Unless telephone support is meant - I can't speak for that either way.

(Navigon 70 Live, Nuvi 360)

Posted by jonandmarkuk on Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:48 am Reply with quote

Have to agree with bigperk. Being based in Germany has never been an issue e-mails have always been understood and replied too in English.
Navigon don't just employ German staff I know they also have staff in many other parts of Europe so it's very strange that you should find yourself needing to know German to get support Confused

Navigon 8450 LIVE

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