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Hacked Smartphones Could Jeopardize Troop Safety

Article by: robert
Date: 18 Aug 2010

pocketgpsworld.comIn light of the revelations that Android smartphones can be hacked, Network World has reported that compromised smartphones could endanger troops.

Hugh Thompson, a software security professor at Columbia University says that "software that commandeers phone functions could give wartime enemies valuable information about troop locations and movements. Even normal apps can send a lot of information back home."

This poses the question as to how individuals decide what features of their smartphone to use during their deployment in war zones. Many, for instance, might not realise that the photos taken on their phones and sent to their loved ones carry GPS location data that, if intercepted, might prove very useful to the enemy. Malware can also turn phone microphones on or even secretly snap photos.

This threat, of course, is not just limited to the military; personal and business confidentiality is also at risk. Consequently, it looks like a whole new security business is about to surface to deal with yet another privacy problem.
Posted by Duddy on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:15 am Reply with quote

I wouldn't say "whole new security business is about to surface", just the normal computer security companies writing software for the Android phones.

I had a Nokia N95 and used Kaspersky mobile security software until the phone died, I now have a HTC Legend (not recommended on Vodafone) but I won't use it for on-line banking or other personal software until Kaspersky have brought out a version for Android.

Like any internet use if you download software randomly and have no security software installed your machine is going to be infected/ hacked etc, and this could lead to CSI type tracking with the latest smartphones.

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