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HP Bin the iPaq 316 (310) - No More PNDs

pocketgpsworld.comiPaq 310 owners have finally had the news they were all dreading. Hewlett Packard have now announced they have ceased support of the device and are abandoning the PND market entirely.

HP are one in a long line of major brand names who found the GPS PND market difficult and failed to grasp what users actually wanted.

A big name does not a great PND make as Sony, Panasonic and now HP have discovered.

Sadly the iPaq 310 was possibly one of the better devices around with a superb 800x480 hi-res screen, well thought out design and iGO. However support was always inconsistent, non standard mini-USB charger, lack of map updates etc all serving to hammer yet another nail in its coffin.

Although the range is still listed on HP's websites, they are quoted as saying "HP is no longer in the PND market and has no plans to introduce a new model. We continue to include GPS and LBS applications like navigation in our smart phones, but will not release any new pure PNDs going forward."

Last one out switch the lights off?
Posted by Tom59 on Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:09 am Reply with quote

I've said it before and will say it again.
There is a space waiting to be filled, for someone who properly understands this market. I was thinking along the lines of PGPSW partnering with the likes of HP to bring out a proper PND.
HP (or whoever) provide the hardware, PGPSW provide the knowhow. We have quite a few very talented members on this site who may be willing to take a career change..........Mike?........Andy?

TT Go 720 (T)
Firmware 9.430. Map: Western Europe V 875.3613

TT iPhone app
V 1.23 Map: Western and Central Europe 2 GB V 965.7286

TT iOS Go Mobile
V 1.1 Map: Western Europe 965.7248

Posted by mrsmith76 on Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:23 pm Reply with quote

Laughing Out Loud @ Tom59, brown nose! Smile

I have always said: Buy a TomTom for superior useability, features, future proofing, Innovation etc etc....

Buy a Garmin for Hardware

I personally would not touch anything other than them when considering a PND.

Maybe those two should get married and have lots of happy smiling offspring navigating us around this crazy world!?!?!

Posted by Tom59 on Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:24 pm Reply with quote

mrsmith76 Wrote:
Buy a Garmin for Hardware

Funny enough, I bought a Nuvi 760 which was extremely well made, but the software didn't agree with me, so I sent it back and got the TT 720 instead.
So I agree with you, the TT system (with proper technical development) in the Garmin unit would be a class above either of them just now.

@Darren. Can you send out some PM's to the relevant people please! Not Worthy

TT Go 720 (T)
Firmware 9.430. Map: Western Europe V 875.3613

TT iPhone app
V 1.23 Map: Western and Central Europe 2 GB V 965.7286

TT iOS Go Mobile
V 1.1 Map: Western Europe 965.7248

Posted by GSR600 on Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:53 pm Reply with quote

I am really sad about the news, but maybe there are still some opportunities for 31x users. I read on a forum that there are map and other content updates available on naviextras.com. I also read that the 31x is not officially supported, but some of the users reported successfull updates. So it can be a solution for the future, especially if they will support it officially.


Posted by culzean on Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:28 pm Reply with quote

Buy Garmin for hardware, software, and most of all SUPERB after sales backup. I know quite a few people who haven't and pretty soon wished they had spent a few extra pounds when they found that they couldn't get POI's and decent maps for their units. One bloke I know downloaded some dodgy applications to his Garmin and turned it into a cabbage - Garmin fixed it up and returned it to him FOC within a week - no questions asked.

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