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Article by: maft
Date: 5 May 2011

A new company has been formed called Gigwalk that allows companies to utilise local knowledge for updating information such as Restaurant opening times, turn restrictions, WiFi signal strength and, basically, anything that a company may need to know.

A company can set up 'gigs' explaining what information is required for the gig and how much the 'walker' will get paid (between $3 and $90 apparently). These gigs are then pushed out to users of the free iPhone app (currently only available in the US AppStore) and the first walker there gets the gig. The walker then has to submit photo's, videos or text information as per the company requests and, when confirmed, the walker gets paid.

This has great potential in terms of mapping and POIs where it may actually be cheaper and faster for, say, the likes of Navteq or TomTom to pay local people to check relatively quick and easy jobs (like is a shop still present, is this road now one-way, proof of changed speed limit using a geo-tagged photo etc) rather than using their mapping vans. This would also free up the vans to concentrate on mapping new roads.

We have contacted Gigwalk to see if the app, and service, will ever be made available outside of the US and will update when we hear anything. At present you can apply to be a Gigwalker in the following areas only:
- Los Angeles Metro Area
- New York City
- San Francisco Bay Area
- Philadelphia
- South Florida
- Boston
- Chicago

For now, here's a nice video of how it all works.

What is Gigwalk? from GigwalkTV on Vimeo.

More information is available on the Gigwalk website.
Posted by MaFt on Thu May 05, 2011 1:14 pm Reply with quote

Just seen on their twitter stream that an "Android App is coming. No timeframe yet. Stay tuned."


Posted by AliOnHols on Fri May 06, 2011 9:44 pm Reply with quote

Hi MaFt, I've just e-mailed a link to this page to an apple/macGuru/gps-ignorant NewYorker friend of mine. Lets see if he bites.

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